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    World in Conflict

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Sep 18, 2007

    World in Conflict puts the player into a Cold War scenario in which the Soviets mount a full scale invasion on Europe and America.

    filiwian's World in Conflict (PC) review

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    One of the best games out there for real time strategy.

    If you're into setting off nukes and calling in airstrikes and pretty much everything at your disposal then this is the game for you. The game has much to offer with campaign as you take on the role of different people that live out the dreaded war if the Cold War never ended. Although the ending may leave you with many pondering questions, overall it's still a great game. You get to take part on four different roles which include infantry,armor,support,and air. Each category has its own unique advantages and disadvantages which plainly works out like rock-paper-scissors. As you earn more points you get to call in aerial airstrikes and work your way up to stronger attacks that includes a heavy artillery barrage and eventually a carpet bomb.

    This game has much to offer online with it's ranking system and many more. As you progress more into online gaming you gain badges and points that are added to your rank. You get to play 3 nations that include U.S.S.R,U.S,and NATO. Some more capabilities that the game has to offer is that you get to have your avatar on your own untis which can be pretty interesting if you're the type of person that wants to be noticed. The game is very addicting and fun to play but can be a turn off with its repeated voice overs and commands which tend to be an annoyance. It includes many maps that can be used to your own advantage to take on the enemy if you want to deal with them directly.

    World in Conflict has spectacular graphics and physics depending on what graphics card you have. What works best is DX9 but it isn't needed just to play the game unless you're really into feeling the full experience. I highly recommend that you get this game as it is really addicting and fun to play. If you're into real time strategy pc games then it's a must buy who are thinking about getting it.

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