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    World of Darkness

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    World of Darkness is White Wolf's horror/fantasy universe in which all of their games take place. After a long hibernation, White Wolf (now owned by Paradox Interactive) are making a strong push to making more World of Darkness games.

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    The World of Darkness is the world outside your window, but darker. Oppressively tall skyscrapers squeeze in a little tighter; crime runs more rampant; the night seems to last a little longer. Living in the shadows and pulling the strings of mortal civilization are various supernaturals: vampire, werewolves, mages, wraiths, changelings, and demons.

    The World of Darkness was originally created by White Wolf Publishing in 1991 as a series of tabletop roleplaying games; this series still continues under license to Onyx Path Publishing and By Night Studios.

    White Wolf merged with CCP in 2006, with intentions to make an MMO. Unfortunately, the MMO project was cancelled in 2014, and in late 2015, CCP sold the White Wolf IP to Paradox Interactive, which has once again spun White Wolf Publishing off into its own company.


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