Alliance Giant Bomb guild?

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#1 Posted by Brenderous (1244 posts) -

I've been thinking about getting back in WoW, and playing with Giant Bomb people would be really awesome. 
My problem is that I share Ryan's opinions on the horde. I just prefer to play alliance for better or for worse. 
So is there an existing Alliance Giant Bomb guild, or plans to start one? 
inb4 flaming and horde/alliance arguments.

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#2 Edited by SythonX7 (142 posts) -

Not sure if one currently exists, Though I do mainly play Horde, it totally makes sense for the community to have an alliance guild as well. doesn't it?

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#3 Posted by Brenderous (1244 posts) -
@SythonX7: Yeah it would be good I think. Maybe we could put it on the same server as <Bomb Squad> for friendly competition? 
Or a completely different server would also be a good idea. 
Thoughts anyone?
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#4 Posted by cjmhockey (245 posts) -

I mainly play horde but would definitely be willing to start up an ally alt and join a GB alliance guild.

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#5 Posted by EpicSteve (6908 posts) -

There's the Bomb Squad horde guild. 

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#6 Posted by SythonX7 (142 posts) -

I'm also down for starting an alliance alt and joining an Alliance GB guild.

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#7 Posted by solidwolf52 (368 posts) -

I'd join

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#8 Posted by Brenderous (1244 posts) -

"<I'm A Wizard And That Looks Fucked Up>"?

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#9 Posted by Brenderous (1244 posts) -

<The Good Bomb Squad>?

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#10 Posted by Nikral (315 posts) -

Obviously it would be Space Neon Lobsters

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#11 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

I'd be fore a ally spin off of the bomb squad. And i'd suggest runetotem for the server so i can play my old guys :D

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#12 Posted by xXwindoverXx (297 posts) -

I'm in for an Alliance guild :D
I want to make a new Worgen anyway

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#13 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

To the people here. If this didn't happen there is a giantbomb guild on the horde side, Very close to 18th level, 6 out of 12 raid bosses down and every profession has a maxed guild member. Server is ysera just /who bomb squad and ask for an invite.

We currently looking to start a second ten man raid team. Hope to see you on the dark side!

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#14 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

We are now 7 out of 12 raid bosses and 19th level. As an update.

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#15 Posted by Barrock (3971 posts) -

Come join us on Ysera. I was an Alliance guy too but I bit the bullet and made a Horde. Make a Goblin, they fucking rock.

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#16 Edited by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

Barrock is right us goblins are sweet.

Also with our first drop of Ascendant Council we are 8 out of 12 on raid bosses. Next up, Cho'gall!

Edit, we dropped Conclave of the Wind, making us 9 out of 12. Cho'Gall is still our progression boss.
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#17 Posted by michaelfossbakk (265 posts) -

Did someone start this?

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#18 Posted by amomjc (978 posts) -

I would join a GiantBomb community guild, even if we started on a new server and needed to reroll.

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#19 Posted by gakon (2010 posts) -

I would encourage any of you on the fence due to the faction choice to please consider giving the greener side of the fence a try. The Horde guild has become a small one, and while that's allowed us to develop this great little community, there's been some concern that our numbers will slowly continue to dwindle. I don't know if we can have two thriving guilds in the same region.

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#20 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

Bomb Squad is now 9 out of 12. We are coming for your Cho'gall!

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