Few questions about 2v2 and other things.

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So a friend and I are doing the 3x XP thing and we haven't made our combo yet. He wants to be a Rogue or Pally and I wanted to play a Warrior, Priest, or Mage. So out of those what would be pretty good in 2v2?
Also what spec should I go if I pick Priest?

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Sub rogue and frost mage is a killer 2v2 combo. Pally (holy or ret) and warrior is also a pretty good combo for 2s. Priests (disc or shadow esp) are strong in PvP and PvE and give you the flexibility of healing or dps while leveling. I personally would start a priest as disc and then get shadow as your dual spec at level 30. Feel free to come join the Giant Bomb guild, Bomb Squad, on Ysera (if you're in the US) and we'll give you any help you guys need! (my main is Ayida, feel free to hit me up in-game!) Hope you guys have fun, that new 3x XP through 80 is amazing!

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