Framerate cuts out

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For several months, I've been playing WoW on my home desktop and it works fine. It runs at ~30-40 fps at High or Ultra settings. But lately (in the past few weeks), after playing for a few minutes, the framerate drops to approximately 2 fps. If I try logging out, the framerate issue persists even on the character select screen. Restarting the game sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. (Restarting my computer definitely works, but after a few days the issue returns.) I've tried the repair tool, and I've tried uninstalling and completely redownloading, to no avail. 
Does anyone have an idea of what's wrong, and especially how to fix it? I'm not a raider so it's not a giant problem, but it is still bothersome.

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You have a far better chance of finding help here than on Giantbomb.

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It's quite a lot to do for a single game, but in your situation(which I have been in), I would do a fresh format of Windows 7, and try running WoW with basically zero background services or applications running. It may well be a issue with your anti-virus or a driver error.

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@EvilTwin said:
" You have a far better chance of finding help here than on Giantbomb. "
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Good point; I just figured some of you guys might have had the same issue. I might try reformatting Vista; I also occasionally play on my XP laptop and it runs fine there. Thanks for your help.

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Need more info.  
What changes were made to your PC/mac recently, if any?  Check cords and cables.  Update everything.  Turn off add-ons and try.  Turn down setting and try.  Turn shadows and projected textures and try.  Run basic system mant.?  So on.  The more details you post about your problem, system and set up the better.  
Everything else on your system running ok?  Streaming video, downloading porn, hacking the matrix?

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