Just got a Scroll of Res from a stranger. Is this phishing?

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The sender's identity was his/her character name and I do not recognize it at all. I was just wondering if there have been phishing attempts or some other malicious tom-foolery with these Scrolls of Resurrection.

EDIT: All of the links and images appear legitimate.




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#2 Posted by gakon (2010 posts) -

I think I've gotten a fake Scroll of Res. email before.

Did you check the sender's email address or look at the URLs of any links in the email?

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There's always tons of WoW phishing scams. Check the links included in the email and see if they're fake sites (like us.battlo.net) or something similar. Also, if you don't want to play WoW again, or don't know who it is, just delete the email.

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#4 Posted by Marz (6019 posts) -

read the header of the e-mail. it'll tell you if it's real or not.

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Check the official forums, might be a topic about it there with images or something that will help you confirm.

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