Trial Version won't register internet connection?

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Hey this has to do with the original WoW trial but nobody is on that forum so... 

So I downloaded the trial versian of WoW at like 2:30 AM last night. I was so tired I just pressed install, saw the install started then went to bed. This morning I woke up with it apparently installed but everytime I would click it would just say "No Internet Connection". I uninstalled it and downloaded it again, and now it won't even install. When I click the icon to install it says "Unable to Connect: Please check internet connection and Firewall settings". I checked my firewall and it says that it approves of everything Blizzard. My internet connection is obviously fine. Any help?
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Why did you make another thread. You need only one. 

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@The_Laughing_Man: But nobodies on the other forum.
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@Eric_Buck said:

" @The_Laughing_Man: But nobodies on the other forum. "

Does not matter. You only need one thread. And chances are you need to contact blizzard. 

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