WoW Finally Adding Remote Chat

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Back when I played Everquest, this was something I loved when they had finally implemented - Everquest Instant Messenger.  You didn't have to be in the game to talk to your guild, or anyone on your friends list.  It was great for logging in from work and finding out what guild activities were going on for the night, or just chatting with friends when you were bored but couldn't access the game.


WOW is finally doing something similar.   WoW Remote Guild Chat is a new feature of WoW Remote currently in development.  Currently, WoW Remote allows you to access the Auction House from your phone and browse and buy, collect money from sold auctions, relist auctions, and even create new auctions from your bags or bank.  All from the comfort of your phone.  The new Remote Guild Chat feature in development will allow you to check your guild calendar, participate in guild chat, and more.  Check out the screenshots below.



Will be available for iPhones, iPod Touch, and Android phones.
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I'm guessing you'll have to pay more to access this?

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The WoW Remote app is officially free.  Currently, with the Remote Auction House, if you go with the free version, you can't claim your gold or create/relist auctions.  For $2.99 a month, you get the full functionality.
No word yet on how the Remote Guild Chat will fit into the free vs subscription service.

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Ah ok. I completely forget there were the free features with the remote stuff.

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Fuckin' rad, WoW is where I can always get a hold of my brother and cousin, so if I don't have to log onto my abandoned account to find them, because they don't answer their cell phones, that'll be great.

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I won't be able to work anymore. I mean be able to bs with the community guild all day?? It'll be like this site with out the forum delay. :p

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@Darkerkamikaze Well if it makes it any harder for you to get back into wow there is a giant bomb guild filled with bomb fans. :p
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What they want you to forget is that WoW is a painful grind-fest of an MMO.

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