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<Bomb Squad> is a Giant Bomb community guild, based on Zul'Gin US, Horde side. The guild was founded by Rawfle (Gakon on Giant Bomb) and eight other enterprising members of the community on July 21, 2010. However, since May 2011 the guild has been run by the fearless Azizzmuck (Thrawnkkar on Giant Bomb). You can find our official website at

We are a guild based around the Giant Bomb community and a great place to level, hang out and if you have what it takes raid in the highest levels of the games end content. Giant Bomb members only need to message any one in game and they will find an officer and have you added, duders get in with out an application! So come in to level and play with people that share your interests for Giant Bomb in Mists of Pandaria!

PS, sorry for stealing your post Gakon but its better than what I could have done!


  • Level: 25
  • Achievement points: 1690
  • Members: 139

Raid progression

Tier 15 (Patch 5.1)

  • Normal ToT 10: 1/13

Tier 14 (Patch 5.0)

  • Normal MSV 10: 6/6
  • Normal HOF 10: 5/6
  • Normal TOE 10: 4/4

Tier 13 (Patch 4.3)

  • Normal 10: 8/8
  • Heroic 10: 8/8

Tier 12 (Patch 4.2)

  • Normal 10: 7/7
  • Heroic 10: 4/7

Tier 11 (Patch 4.0.3a)

  • Normal 10: 12/12
  • Heroic 10: 1/13
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#2 Posted by scalpel (326 posts) -

I'd apply if I were on the US servers. There should really be a European guild.

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This post will have all the current Tiers heroic drop videos in it with a link to our YouTube page for previous tiers! Check back often.

Tier 14 (Patch 5.0)

Normal The Stone Guard

Loading Video...

Normal Feng the Accursed

Loading Video...

Tier 13 (Patch 4.3)


Loading Video...


Loading Video...


Sadly this was not recorded due to trust issues. :(


Loading Video...


Loading Video...


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***At this point we stopped considering what we were doing as progression so the final two boss drop videos are the raw feed from my perspective, harsh language and terrible music are in store for those hardy enough to watch. Maybe one day our awesome video guru Troidy will give these the techno treatment too***


Loading Video...


Loading Video...
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#4 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5202 posts) -

Where's the EU guild at? It's out tomorrow and I'm PUMPED.

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#5 Posted by RE_Player1 (8015 posts) -

As soon as I get some assignments and tests done I'm all over this.

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#6 Posted by Vampyre (16 posts) -

Hmm I have my mage on ganora since BC. Haven't played since march 2012 though. Did some light raiding here and there but could never find a group on the server that was mature and had a fri/sun night group. To level I just grinded LFD groups as I can not stand solo questing. I plan on doing that getting to 90 and see where you guys are at for raid openings before I pay for a faction and server change.

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#7 Posted by Leekspin (36 posts) -

I'm surprised you guys use 2 tanks and 3 healers on H madness, have you tried the 1 tank/2 heal method?

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#8 Posted by MadScientistCat (46 posts) -

@Leekspin: We dropped H Madness on our 4th attempt (1st after the congealed blood speed fix) with more than enough DPS, so we didn't really have a need to try any different setups. And now this tier is over, so it's just on to the next for us!

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#9 Posted by MadScientistCat (46 posts) -

@msavo: If you're on Ysera (US) be sure to hit us up /who Bomb Squad and ask for an invite! If not, just enjoy the pandas and GLHB!

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#10 Edited by GunslingerPanda (5202 posts) -

I'm on EU Al'Akir if anyone wants to group up. Horde.

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#11 Posted by DonChipotle (3415 posts) -

So does this guild take someone who is literally new to WoW? I decided to finally give the game a try and having some cool duders to hang with while I learn the ropes seems alright.

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#12 Posted by RE_Player1 (8015 posts) -

@DonChipotle: Yeah we joke around in the chat and if you need help someone is always nice enough to take the time and lend a hand. Tell me if you want to play and we can go through the recruit a friend program and help each other out.

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#13 Posted by h0lgr (978 posts) -

I'm totally going to buy the Battle Chest all over again, make a new account, and make a EU Guild. 

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#14 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

What msavo said, the guild is for all players, not just raider types. Just a fun place to level and talk about Giant Bomb.

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#15 Posted by therealnelsk (373 posts) -

*sigh* I'm back in. After playing since beta, I am back. fucking. in.

I'm actually stoked to play with you guys. Game was always better with a good guild. Starting a pandaran monk, obviously, looking forward to it.

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#16 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

@M3RPHY: Glad to have you! I hope we meet your expectations. :P

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#17 Posted by ttocs (867 posts) -

If I didn't already have an established character and all my friends on Moon Guard, I would join. Maybe when I make an alt I'll come to this server.

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#18 Edited by Heartagram (1335 posts) -

Yeah...I've already gotten to 55 on my panda....don 't really wanna reroll again. If I ever decide to transfer I'll hit you guys up though it sounds like a ton of fun. Bums me out I didn't notice before =(.

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#19 Posted by Kyreo (4681 posts) -

@h0lgr: Best of luck, my friend!

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#20 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

Updated with latest drop! Will change the other videos to links when I have the time! Grats to the raid team.

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#21 Posted by cypher89 (69 posts) -

Are you guys still raiding? Was thinking of coming back to WoW and have no people I play with any longer, and was looking for a group to raid with

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#22 Edited by JesterPC238 (390 posts) -

I'm also starting up again this evening, $50 for MoP and Cataclysm plus the free 10 days they offered me enticed me to give the game another go. I haven't played since WotLK, and even then I never hit the cap, just played enough to start a Death Knight and then life got in the way of continuing. Are you duders still around and accepting (essentially) total newbs?

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#23 Edited by MadScientistCat (46 posts) -

@cypher89 Yep, we do still raid... currently Tue-Thurs 9:15p-12:15a eastern (server).

@JesterPC238 We are cool with all levels joining the guild and hanging out or whatever!

For you guys and anyone else, we've moved to US-Zul'Jin, just /who Bomb Squad and whisper anyone and they'll direct you to an officer who can invite you (make sure to let us know you're a duder so you can bypass the app process!) Hope to see you soon!

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#24 Posted by JesterPC238 (390 posts) -

Excellent! I've been a-leveling and just hit 40 yesterday, having a blast! They managed to fix pretty much all of the issues I had with the game last time I played.

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#25 Edited by Hoffafiles (337 posts) -

I wish Blizz offered mass transfers for cheap, I guess I could start a new toon, but mah stuff... :0

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#26 Posted by louis0nfire (278 posts) -

Who wants to send me a Scroll of Resurrection? Also, does that let me create my lvl 80 on ANY server?

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#27 Posted by JunkHype (389 posts) -

@louis0nfire: I could send you one. I'm pretty sure it's any server.

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#28 Edited by adoggz (2081 posts) -

I suppose its worth saying that the guild server transferred to Zul'Jin.

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#29 Edited by Moonshadow101 (751 posts) -

Hey, this is Gavalorn/Kiranos. I probably should have posted something like this a month ago, but I've kept putting it off. Anyway, I'm not dead or anything. I mostly stopped logging in because I just wasn't having any fun actually playing the game. I was logging in purely for raids, and only then out of a sense of obligation (and for the lovely mumble shenanigans.) It's a shitty way to play a video game and I had to put an end to it. I've never enjoyed raids more than with you folks, and I'm seriously sorry if having a tank disappear caused too much trouble. Then again, we were already on the verge of jumping servers, so I can't have screwed things up *too* much, eh?

It's funny, actually. I made Gavalorn on Zul'Jin sometime around december 2004, just a month after WoW came out. I transferred him to Ysera to join Bomb Squad, and now you've jumped to Zul'jin. I could have just waited a few years and saved the transfer money, hah. Once the burnout wears off, maybe I'll follow you. Until then, I hope you find new life on Zul'Jin.

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#30 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

@moonshadow101: We miss you already! Hope to see you again soon. Who can I call Kin?

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#31 Posted by Thrawnkkar (352 posts) -

@moonshadow101: Also, just fyi, you are ALWAYS welcomed to pop into our mumble and talk. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:15-12:15. We play other games besides WoW together now!

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#32 Posted by Roland_Leshaft (52 posts) -

anyone i should specifically msg in game to help me join? made a guy on zul jin just for that

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#33 Posted by idiotic_genius1 (427 posts) -

@roland_leshaft: You would have to catch an officer to get an invite. If you see someone in the guild online just ask them if they are an officer or if they can give you the name of one.

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#34 Edited by bemusedchunk (888 posts) -

Looking to jump back into Azeroth and join you guys.

Is the guild still active?

According to wow armory, I see only 23 members in the guild. Is this right?

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#35 Posted by idiotic_genius1 (427 posts) -

@bemusedchunk: Yeah we don't have many members at the moment because we recently transferred servers. As for being active, people still play but it really depends on what time you log on.

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#36 Edited by bemusedchunk (888 posts) -

@idiotic_genius1: Cool. I'm not looking to raid or anything like that - I'm perfectly happy with just having dudes to talk with while leveling, or dungeoneering.

If I can find a scroll of res, I'll jump back in and see how things are.

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#37 Posted by slyspider (1786 posts) -

Just made a blood elf hunter, hope to play some after power leveling!

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#38 Posted by Explosivo (31 posts) -

Did anyone ever make a EU guild?

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#39 Posted by Toxeia (793 posts) -

Is the guild still active? Looking to get back into WoW and thought I'd check in with you guys. No one online at the moment :(

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#40 Posted by adoggz (2081 posts) -

@toxeia said:

Is the guild still active? Looking to get back into WoW and thought I'd check in with you guys. No one online at the moment :(

I haven't been on in couple months but i'm pretty sure the guild is kinda dead.

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#41 Edited by Toxeia (793 posts) -

@adoggz: 2 days of /who'ing would agree. Ran into some nice people though so I'll probably just run with them. Thanks for letting me know for sure though

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