Retro-Active Compromised Account Recovery?

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After seeing the new expansion, I started downloading the client again, damn my weakness. 
Long story short, my account was hacked and I lost everything except my character and his physical levels (although the fucker ran up a massive respec bill too) and a handful of gold (how nice of him...) 
My question is this, even though that happened a year ago and caused me to quit (couldnt even look at the game after that) I did not contact a GM (I contacted blizzard support, they suspended the character for RMT activities, which is how I found out it had been hacked and they returned the accounts email and pass, and control of the account back to me) about the issue. So, despite the fact a year has passed, if I contact a GM will they give me back some of my equipment? I'm not expecting them to do so, but what do you guys think is the likelyhood of even getting back some basic equips to fight with so I can start looking for better equips again to match my old ones. 
Oh well, regardless i'm gonna play the lich king 10 day trial and see if I can enjoy the game again a year after being hacked.
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Only one way to find out....The time taken to post this, you could have e-mailed them, if they suspended your account because it was hacked, and you explained that, they might keep records or something to prove it, if so, I'm sure they would, after all you'll be a paying customer.

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Well, I didn't think support dealt with equipment/item recovery, I thought GMs handled that, can't contact one of those until the client downloads, 7 more hours -_-' lol
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Ah that sucks then =/ I don't actually play wow, was just thinking logically. I'll be quiet now.

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Nah it's cool I don't blame you for thinking logically :D I thought about emailing account support, but it states flat out that "in game issues" must be directed towards GMs, and i'm pretty sure return of items is ingame, accounts and billing deal specifically with billing issues and account issues. 
I'll wait for it to DL and ask a GM, i'm not expecting my equips back I should really have done it when my account was hacked but I was so furious I didn't want to even look at the client ever again lol. I think it's a grace thing as well, like returning your iTunes tracks if you lose them all, it's definately not something you're entitled to.  
Worst comes to worst I go to a low level dungeon and have a relaxed couple days farming some materials :D Actually that doesn't sound too bad, i'll need time to get back into the controls, get my custom UI setup again and get my character specced properly.
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I'm pretty sure I remember that GM's can only restore one item once per account, and that it has to be provent hat you owned it, and accidently deleted it. That said, I too haven't played for over a year. Best bet might just be to ask around people you know who play and get them to toss you a few gold, so you can buy some greens, just to be able to complete some quests to get gear.

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