Did WoW sale get you to hop back on board?

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#1 Posted by DerekDanahy (884 posts) -

As some of you may have seenwhen logging into Diablo 3, or Starcraft 2 there is a big sale for all of the World of Warcraft expansions. This sale knocks down the expansions to 10 dollars, and is such a low price I'm thinking about jumping on it (despite my best interests). Have any of you been tempted or jumped back in because of this sale? Or does anyone currently playing recommend now as a good time to waste a couple of hours in Azeroth?

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#2 Posted by Sander (425 posts) -

I've never played it, though I do see the F2P(up to level 20) ads and wonder what the fuss is about.

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#3 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

no, it was the free upgrade with Scroll of Resurrection that got me back

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#4 Posted by jimi (1149 posts) -

Already own them all, despite only playing cataclysm for about a month.

I'm pretty burned out on MMO's in general right now, waiting for Guild Wars 2 to see if it can grab me.

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#5 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -

Already have them all. The needle is barely out of the vein.

Every time there's an expansion, I level to the cap then gear my tanks up to the level of starting raiding, but then don't raid because FUCK RAIDING.

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#6 Posted by wafflez (562 posts) -

No. I've quit and have no plans to return.

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#7 Posted by jakob187 (22933 posts) -


Hell, my friend offered me a Scroll of Resurrection...and I STILL said NOPE!

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#8 Posted by ajamafalous (13408 posts) -

I already owned them all. Also, I'd hope that only new players are tempted, since the free Scroll of Resurrection upgrade was only like three months ago.

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#9 Posted by Demyx (3247 posts) -

I got the scroll of resurrection so I have everything. But I won't play again and if I was going to play I'd just play Guild Wars 2 when that comes out .

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#10 Posted by Sooty (8193 posts) -

No way, loved WoW a long time ago but Guild Wars 2 is so much better, MMOs are finally evolving.

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#11 Posted by Subjugation (4963 posts) -

Two of my friends sent Scrolls of Resurrection to me. I declined them both. WoW had its time with me, but it is clearly over now.

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