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I wanted to check and see if any people with some high-er level toons wanted to start another GB guild, Horde side(we ain't no punk Alliance), on Dalaran. If you're just starting WoW, want to re-roll, or want to play with other GB members except on the Alliance side check out these guys. I think there was one more GB member group on a different server so if anyone there is reading that then feel free to post your contact information here just so people know.
In any case, the whole point of this guild would be just to go back and run some of the old forgotten raids not only for the fun of it, but also for the achievements and some of the rare items they drop. It wouldn't be a hardcore thing at all. Just a bunch of Giant Bomb peeps dicking around. If we wipe then so be it. We'll probably laugh about it and give it another shot. No level or gear requirements or anything either. If you're high enough to get into the chosen raid then welcome aboard. It's just meant to be a fun and laid back guild for all the GB crew.
If anyone wants to give this a go and try and make something happen then let me know!

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