World of Warcraft + Expansions on sale!

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#1 Edited by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -

I totally don't know if this is a thread yet, I looked but didn't see any.
Anyways, WoW is on the cheap right now.  
So, if you've always wanted to play, now is your chance! For the price of lunch at a fast food joint you can play with all your friends in Azeroth!  
And they just redid the entire world, so that might reel you in. All the new quests are actually fun now (Seriously).

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#2 Posted by Sanryd (1443 posts) -

I don't even know if I'll get a character up to 55 but I bought Lich King. How can you not for that price?

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#3 Posted by Wunder_ (1206 posts) -

Its an amazing deal - I was thinking of ordering like 5 copies of WoW just to RAF me at a later date. Probably shouldn't though... But yeah, got my brother into Cataclysm for the low price of $55(?) USD :3

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#4 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

I was gonna make a topic about it, but no need now!
I definitely recommend it to people to give it a go.
You get 30 free days with the original, at least when you store bought it but I think that's still the case.
So 30 days of a never ending world of adventure for only 5 euro's?
Anyone should try it out.
Fuck your Steam sale, go WoW! xD

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#5 Posted by StealthRaptor (568 posts) -

You people have no pity for the untainted masses.

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#6 Posted by ColinWright (754 posts) -

God Dammit. I never want to get into it again. But, it's almost impossible to not feel the hype. I hate everyone.

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#7 Posted by Marz (6016 posts) -

Had my cataclysm digital download ready for awhile now.

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#8 Posted by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -
@wh4tshisface: Do recruit a friend with me :(
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#9 Posted by BeachThunder (14576 posts) -

:( I almost feel like I should...but I won't. Ugh, it's so cheap though :o 

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#10 Posted by FlyingRat (1454 posts) -

Must.... Resist..... Want to keep.... Family and friends.....Want to not starve to death....

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#11 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Damn, if only I could... Like have another life for World of Warcraft or something... It brings a tear to my eye if I even think of Teldrassil. Damn!

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#12 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

Does anyone know if you get any game time for buying the expansions? I am kind of tempted to get Wrath of the Lich King, but I haven't had World of Warcraft playtime in over a year.

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#13 Posted by TwoLines (3508 posts) -

Excuse me, Blizzard? Yeah, 20$ does NOT equal 20 Euros you fucking bastards.
Still a good deal though.

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#14 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

Maybe instead of discounting the games, they should discount the monthly fee. Like buy 3 months for $30 or something like that.

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#15 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

My account remains frozen untill December 7th. 
I know they already rolled out all the new stuff and everything has already changed but I need my very own Worgen Freeman (name already taken though) or Goblin-named-whatever and start out "fresh".. 

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#16 Posted by Arbie (1473 posts) -

Wow that is awesome. I might go with the idea some have had and do a RAF with such cheap deals!

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#17 Posted by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -
@Br3adfan: You don't get game time with expansions :(
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#18 Posted by ___pocalypse (566 posts) -

Oh man! This is a pretty awesome deal. I don't have a PC yet but this seems like too good of a deal to pass up, since I was going to buy it anyway. Wayy better than the zillion dollars I thought I was going to have to spend to get everything.

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#19 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -
@CowMuffins: I'm going to buy Lich King anyway I guess, along with some playtime. Is there a Giant Bomb Warcraft group of some sort?
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#20 Posted by CowMuffins (1781 posts) -
@Br3adfan: I think there is some guild. You can add me on your real ID friends if you want though. I'm on Gorefiend.

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