World of Warcraft

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Nov 23, 2004

    World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that takes place in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft universe. At its peak, it boasted a player base of over 12.5 million subscribers, making it the most popular MMO of all time.

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    Flesh for fantasy 0

    I can’t remember if I’ve written about this before and quite frankly I’m much too lazy to check, but there is a piece of writing advice I once heard by way of the late Christopher Hitchens. The idea being that one ought always to try and write posthumously, that the considerations one might have when alive; taste, reputation or commercial pressure be cast aside as best as one is able. No easy task for the successful scribbler, but fortunately for me I am in effect already dead ...

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    WoW Section Review: Random Dungeon Finder/LFG 0

    There are plenty of great user reviews here on Giant Bomb for World of Warcraft as a whole.  Unfortunately, I think WoW is far too large a game at this point to really describe as a whole unit.  Those who are interested have access to Wiki pages and other resources to see what the game is all about.  I feel an important aspect is missing here on GB, a look at some of the new systems put in place with content patches, as Blizzard constantly updates the game.  I've seen a LOT of changes over my ...

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    The Dawning of MMO's. 1

    When I first saw World of Warcraft I was very skeptical of the title I had enjoyed the original games in the series but the style of the game and the things I had been seeing from its very early alpha stages had me thinking if the game was going to be any good. At this point I set my standards high after playing Everquest for five whole years. I took a step down from the game to play Everquest II which failed to capture the magical effects the original game had given off to me and after spending...

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    Remarkable 0

    Note: Review was written in 2004, though my feelings have not changed over the last four years.What objectively defines a role-playing game? The debate has been stretched out as far back as I can certainly recall. You could say they originated in the form of classic, traditional style story-telling similar to that of Final Fantasy. Perhaps it is based off of an intricate setup of mechanics relating to the battle system and health display. Even the debate to conclude if the Legend of Zelda series...

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    World of Warcrack 0

    World of Warcraft is the popular MMO from Blizzard Entertainment, but I'm Sure you already know this. The game centers around the world of Azeroth, and in the expansion Burning Crusade; Outland. You can create several characters. They can be on either side of the war, Horde or alliance. You also have several choices in classes (mage, warlock, warrior, paladin, etc.) which allow you to level your character through questing and completing dungeons all the way to level 70.The game does this very we...

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    Unbelievably Phenominal!!! 0

    Where to i start to describe this game, its World of freakin' Warcraft!!!I will edit this review later and add more information but here it goesWorld Of Warcraft is a fantasy MMO by blizzard where charicters can do lots of fun quests, dungeons, raids, you name-it. This game has revolutionized the MMO genre, claiming over 12 million subscriptions. It has been called addicting for its never ending gameplay. They currently have the level up at 70 and have released an expansion, with more coming up....

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    Almost everything you can ask for in a game. 0

    World of Warcraft grabs you from the very moment you start the game. The character creation screen features 2 factions, 10 races, and 8 classes. It also allows you to customize the face, skin color, hair, and features of your character such as earrings. Surprisingly, every single one of the classes is fun, and all though not perfectly balanced, Blizzard did a great job considering the variety of the classes and talents.The game world is huge. Bigger than almost any game ever made barring the ori...

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    World of Warcraft 1

    Well the first time i played this game i have to admit, i was bored after 2 hours of gameplay. The quests were repetetive, the combat was slow and i got so used to playing new advance games that the graphics were a big let down to me, so i cancelled after the first month.HoweverA year later my friend decided to play WoW so i decided to reactivate my account and start from scratch, and i have to say, the genre of the title 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game' isnt called that for shit...

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    Everyone should have played this 4

    World of Warcraft was originally released in 2004, setting a new standard in the MMO (Massive Multplayer Online) genre, making the biggest Online RPG known to man, Not only does it feel right everything combined makes World of Warcraft an awesome and unique experience.You start out making a character, not many things to choose from character customization wise but the classes make the difference big difference and of course the gear you collect/earn while playing make your character stand out. N...

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    Very Addicting. Don't Play This. You'll Regret It. 3

    I give this game 2 stars instead of one because It's very fun, but unfortunately, three times more addicting. I started playing this game because most of my friends were at school. Two of those 5 friends, I believe, are in serious trouble, one more than the other, but still. One of my friends, Frank(Not real name), frequently does all-nighters and also skips school to play this game. My other friend, Timothy(Not real name), plays an awful lot as well, but not as much as Frank.I feel bad for them...

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    70+ days of my life 0

    When I first heard that there would be a Warcraft MMO, I was definitely psyched, as all I would do with Warcraft 3 was create hero maps (where 1-2 heros kill everything and act as protagonists, etc.). The first screenshots and video footage only fueled the fire of my excitement. Especially the footage of players exploring with torches, it felt like it would actually be about adventuring and a very real, cyber-world. Sadly, when it came out and I received it as a present, I had to wait for a comp...

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    oh god, horrible lust 0

    You like throwing flame balls and collecting linen? "Well I could just go back to pogs" BUT then you'd be forgetting all bout your little friend "flame ball".  -but lets get serious. I've played this game through the good times and bad going from being a complete nobody, to leading 25 really serious dudes into the end game and if there's one thing I've learned, its to expect failure from all directions. You'll never be the best, you'll never be first, you'll always wait an hour plus to raid wait...

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    Grind-Fest 0

    I think everyone knows about World or Warcraft by now, This game is a Grind-Fest. Most quests involve you killing a certain amount of X, or retrieving an X amount of Y. Some people like this kind of stuff, I can stick with it but I'd prefer if they would add a few more type than that. The community in this game can be Either brilliant or down right awful. Depending on what Realm you choose, People can be so nice on one Realm but then on the other realm they treat you like dirt. The game play ...

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    World of BoreCraft 2

    A week ago I decided it was time to look into what all those 10 million gamers are doing in the World of Warcraft. So I did create a 10 day trial account to try it out. One of the nice things about WoW is that it runs almost flawless in Linux, it doesn't provide native binaries, but Wine pretty much just works with it. No need to go hunt for cracks or anything, since it works out of the box, which is a pretty care thing these days, where even game demos are often boggled down by copy protection ...

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    A quick review for a brilliant game. 1

    There have been many MMORPGs released of the past decade but none have had the success of WoW. With some figures saying over 9 to 10 million accounts created since its launch in November 2004 its easy to see how someone who has never played the game might wonder why so many people are drawn to it. While I can't answer that question for everyone I can hopefully add a little insight into what this game is about. Your journey in Azeroth begins with picking a faction, then a race, and finally a clas...

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    Insanely addictive. 0

    This game has been lots of fun. Any class can solo up to the top level but this game is far more fun to play with friends. The game really picks up at the top levels for when you can go huge raids, and do lots of PVP.  Since the game is best at it's end game, Blizzard is speeding up leveling so that it's quicker to reach the end game. The game scales very well, it can be played on very low-end machines, and the game looks very nice when you can put the sliders on maximum. Addiction is a possibil...

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    Blizzard didn't make a hit game, they made something far bigger.. 1

    Its argued the World of Warcraft is the greatest MMORPG ever, it has over 10 million players and is widely regarded out side of gaming too. No MMORPG has ever been able to reach the popularity of the iconic game. WoW starts you as a upcoming Human or Dwarf or Orc or which ever race and class you choose. You start of questing like other MMO's to gain experience and new items but quickly gain new this to do. These include instances (dungeons), PvP battlegrounds, group quests and other things you w...

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    The Most Epic Online Adventure of Our Time!!! 0

    World of Warcraft (WOW) is Blizzard Entertainment’s Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that has been nothing short of a runaway success. After spending some time with it, it’s pretty easy to see why and how this monstrosity has ensnared over nine million gamers and growing. What separates WOW from other online games such as Diablo 2 and Guild Wars is its massively multiplayer nature. What this means is that unlike other online games, when you log into WOW and pick a server t...

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    Get lost in the World of Warcraft. 0

    The MMO is a strange beast, and I'm not going to lie; I despise the notion of paying to play games that you already own, and I've boycotted every game that has ever followed this structure. Despite the fact that I've always been a big fan of Blizzard's games, I naturally avoided World of Warcraft for years based on this principal alone. In December 2007 I had finally been convinced to see for myself what all the fuss was about, and I've been playing off and on ever since. So what exactly is it ...

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    The cultural phenomenon.. 0


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    The Standard of MMO games. 0

    Approaching it's 6th year since release, it is still the standard of what all other MMORPG games are measured to. Whether it is graphics, artwork, quest/leveling system, classes, etc they are all compared to the standards of what World of Warcraft (WoW) set and continues to set.    As it continues to spurn out expansions, the game thrives and is becoming even more popular as the years go on.  The ability to draw in the casual, first-timer players to MMORPG is a testament on how great the appeal ...

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    Best MMO hands down 0

    Ok, where to begin with this game? well... to start I played this game for around one and a half years and mainly sticked to the one character, my dwarf hunter. I reached level 68 and finally got bored, but I get bored with every game sooner or later. I started playing because of my cousin and it was my first MMO I played, I immediatly was shocked to how big the game seemed. Nothing in gaming will beat the experience of walking into Stormwind for the first time. Around level 10 I got my friend t...

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