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World's Edge launched on October 1, 2019 as part of Season 3 of Apex Legends. The map is set on a different planet than King's Canyon and features lava and snow environments.


Cargo Bots

Around the map players will see aerial drones carrying spheres containing loot. The changing color of the sphere indicates the rarity of the loot inside. The rarity is locked in place when the drone is destroyed and the sphere drops, forcing players to time their shots if they want high-end gear.


One of the items a Cargo Bot can drop is a vault key that will unlock one of three vaults located around the map. The vaults contain Epic and Legendary gear.


A train moves around the map, stopping at stations along the way. The train carries several supply bins and can be manually stopped for a short period of time by interacting with a console in the front car. When the train pulls into a station, supply bins raise out of the ground at the station for a limited time, lowering again when the train departs.


In addition to the normal Balloons that propel players long distances, World's Edge features geysers that serve the same purpose, albeit with a shorter range.


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