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    Worms Armageddon

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released May 31, 1999

    Worms Armageddon is the third instalment in the turn-based war game from Team17. Players attack their foes with a vast array of weapons.

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    Worms Armageddon is a turn-based artillery game created by Team 17. The objective of the game is to kill the other team of worms with a variety of conventional and bizarre weaponry - varying from shotguns to exploding sheep.

    The game was originally developed as an expansion pack to Worms 2 titled "Wormaggedon" before being released as a standalone game. Worms Armageddon has proven to be the most popular entry in the series and was even given a Steam release in 2013.


    • Axe: Takes half of a worm's health off but will not kill a worm unless they are on one HP.
    • Handgun: Only a maximum damage of 30; however, players get Five shots.
    • Uzi: Does a maximum damage of 50.
    • Shotgun: Very effective at close range and can fire more than once in a turn.
    • Minigun: Upgrade to the Uzi and does maximum of 75 damage.
    • Longbow: Can be used to knock opponents off edges. Players get two shots with the longbow.
    • Prod: Does no damage and only moves the enemy a small amount.
    • Suicide Bomber: If used, the worm will blow themselves up. This does a tiny bit of damage but also releases fumes that make the enemy sick.
    • Kamikaze: launch the worm in enemy’s direction. Does maximum of of 30 damage.
    • Air Strike: Missiles dropped from the air. The angle of the strike can be chosen and each missile does a maximum of 25 damage.
    • Napalm Strike: Napalm missiles dropped from the air which will explode into napalm above the ground coving it in fire. Napalm is affected by the wind.
    • French Sheep Strike: Exploding sheep are dropped over an area and do large amounts of damage.
    • Mine Strike: Drops 5 mines onto the landscape or onto enemies.
    • Bazooka: Shoots a rocket which is affected by the wind. Can use this to hit worms who are in difficult places or behind cover.
    • Homing Missile: A missile that homes onto enemies. Players select the area to be hit, then the power. The missile will automatically home in on this position.
    • Homing Pigeon: Much like the Homing missile but does much more damage.
    • Sheep Launcher: Launches an exploding sheep. They jump around before they explode; they do a maximum of 75 damage.
    • Grenade: The power and length of fuse can be set to ensure maximum damage. Grenades tend to bounce around a lot and are useful for hitting worms hidden in holes.
    • Cluster Bomb: Like the grenade but instead the bomb explodes into smaller cluster bombs which also explode. Only does 15 damage per cluster bomb and is well, pretty useless.
    • Banana Bomb: One of the most powerful weapons in the game! The Banana Bomb is much like the Cluster bomb but it separates into 5 smaller banana bombs on contact. Each of these can do up too 100 damage.
    • Earth Quake: Shakes the ground causing worms to fall off ledges and sometimes into the water.
    • Fire Punch: A massive punch that and is useful for knocking worms off ledges or into explosive objects.
    • Dragon Ball: Very similar to the fire punch but the worm launches it self towards the enemy and therefore does not have to be next to him to make it effective.
    • Dynamite: One of the most likely the most used weapon and it's very simple: Just place the dynamite and run. Does a maximum of 75 damage.
    • Mine: Places a mine on the ground which will be set off by any worm coming close to it. Can also be placed on top of worms to explode instantly (after a small countdown).
    • Sheep: Lets loose a sheep which bounces along the land and can be exploded at any time.
    • Super Sheep: Much like the normal sheep, however the super sheep can be controlled whilst in the air.
    • Aqua Sheep: The same as the super sheep, except this can go underwater.
    • Mortar: This has a huge range but is very inaccurate. Shoots a cluster bomb which explodes into further clusters of bombs doing a maximum of 15 damage each.
    • Mole Bomb: Let loose a mole which borrows into the ground and can be detonated at any time. Useful at creating a quick shelter underground or to flush out worms already below ground.
    • Mail Strike: Drops five letters onto enemies.
    • Mole Squadron: A group of mole bombs dropped from the air, which behave like any other type of strike. However, they can be detonated at will.
    • Blowtorch: Used to dig through the ground to create shelter. Can also be used to attack other worms at close range. Does a maximum of 35 Damage.
    • Pneumatic Drill: Much like the blowtorch but can only dig vertically downwards.
    • Girder: Creates a girder which will protect worms from incoming attack. Can also be used to reach inaccessible areas.
    • Baseball Bat: Can knock worms off cliffs and does a maximum of 30 damage.
    • Ninja Rope: A rope that can be used to swing along the landscape and reach inaccessible areas. Normally has unlimited uses and can be used to escape after a weapon has been places (mostly dynamite). Players can also drop weapons while using the ninja rope.
    • Bungee: Used to bungee down the side of cliffs without taking any damage or ending the turn. Can be used for reaching inaccessible areas.
    • Parachute: Can be used to jump large gaps in the terrain. Weapons can also be dropped while using a parachute. This is heavily affected by the wind.
    • Teleport: Players select a location and then teleport there.
    • Super Banana Bomb: Much like the banana bomb, but more powerful.
    • Holy Hand Grenade: Much like the hand grenade, but does a huge amount of damage and can blow huge holes in the landscape.
    • Flame Thrower: Shoots flames and does a maximum of 125 damage. The flame is affected by the wind.
    • Salvation Army: Releases the forces of the salvation army (characters with drums). They move slowly along the ground and explode on their own after a while. Can also be detonated at will before this.
    • Priceless Ming Vase: Places an ancient vase from the Ming Dynasty on the playing field which explodes.
    • Petrol Bomb: Much like napalm, but on a much smaller scale. Once the petrol bomb explodes it releases fire, which burns the landscape and any worms present.
    • Skunk: Releases a skunk. The skunk runs along the landscape and releases gas. This makes all worms in the area ill, causing them to lose health each turn.
    • Scales of Justice: Redistributes the health of all worms on a team, making them all equal.
    • Carpet Bomb: Releases carpets from the air which behave like any other air strike, but once they hit the ground, they can bounce and explode up to five times.
    • Mad Cow: Launches a cow along the ground, which explodes after a certain amount of time. It does up to 50 damage.
    • Old Woman: Players release and old woman that causes a maximum of 75 damage.
    • Concrete Donkey: Drops a massive concrete donkey from the sky. Once it hits land, it stomps around destroying everything until it reaches the sea.
    • Patsy's Magic Bullet: Fires a silver bullet that functions like the Homing Missile, however, its flight path is extremely accurate and much more sensitive to the contour of the terrain.
    • Indian Nuclear Test: Causes the water to rise and makes everybody on the map sick, losing 2 health after each turn.
    • Armageddon: Destroys nearly everything with a randomized meteorite strikes. Although extremely destructive, it is possible to survive this attack.

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