Worms Crazy Golf

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 19, 2011

    The Worms take a break for a round of golf in this PSN, PC, and iOS game from Team 17, in which an exploding sheep is just as important as a good driver or putter.

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    Worms Crazy Golf adapts traditional Worms combat gameplay to a more peaceful goal: sinking a short putt. Instead of blowing up enemy teams of worms, players of Worms Crazy Golf must choose the right club to get their ball from tee to hole in as few shots as possible, using explosive sheep, magnets, and mines as necessary to do so. Players control the power, angle, and spin of their shots, attempting to set up chain reactions that can help collect all the coins and crates on any given level while aiming for an Eagle or Birdie.

    The original release includes three 18-hole courses with different themes: Britannia, Pirate Cavern, and Graveyard. Each can be played either in the single-player career mode or in hotseat multiplayer. Single-player progress also unlocks special challenge levels, in which the player has a short amount of time to complete a special objective, like hitting all the explosive sheep scattered through a course, competing for a spot at the top of an online leaderboard.


    Players can customize their golfer's voice, appearance, and set of clubs with unlockables, earned through hitting crates in hard-to-reach spots of each hole and paid for with coins scattered throughout the courses. Voices range from different nationalities like Italian and German to special choices like the Advertisement Spokesman voice. Worms can earn new hats of various sorts and special ball designs like the soccer ball or a monochrome ball. Different clubs have better ability levels in power, control, and accuracy, providing bonuses as the game goes on.

    Carnival Course DLC

    On October 27, 2011, a free DLC pack was released featuring the Carnival Course. It includes 18 new holes, 5 new challenges with leaderboard support, and a new bouncy ball utility. Also included is 4 new hats, 3 new golf balls, and 2 speech banks.


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