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    Worms Reloaded

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 26, 2010

    Worms Reloaded is a traditional 2D Worms game released on Steam. It is an "Extended Version" of the Xbox Live Arcade releases of Worms.

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    The following features have been confirmed by Team 17:

    • An extended editing of the download-only Worms game releases for consoles.
    • Steam will be implemented into the game and there will be Steam achievements.
    • It will be initially distributed via Steam and then shortly in retail.
    • Will come with a level editor.
    • Will support Windows XP and above, also it will run on Macs.
    • "should run well on a wide range of PC's from Netbooks through to powerful desktops."
    • There will be Pre-order bonuses, these will be:

    - 10% discount.

    - 24-Hour early access.

    - 6 exclusive pre-order hats

    - 10 exclusive pre-order forts

    - Exclusive hat to Team Fortress 2 called ´´Lumbricus Lids´´ witch contains Helmet and Holy hand Grenades (sticked together as one item) To people that bought ´´Worms Reloaded´´before September 2, 2010.


    Worms Reloaded also have Singleplayer with ´´story´´ That has 1-30 Levels and 30-35 as Bonus levels that are buyable with your Gold that you earn in finishing levels. With the gold you earn you can also buy hats and weapons and other stuff.

    Update 22 Dec 2010 - Community pack that included

    The community pack contains: -

    • 5 Single Player Missions
    • 3 New Multiplayer Maps
    • 3 New Hats
    • 3 New Gravestone

    And there were Team fortress 2 update witch gave 50% off the price and added

    ALL TF2 Class head item


    Some forts


    The multiplayer has plenty of game modes.


    Standard = The easyest one that means you got loads of rope and jetpack to start with

    Pro = Harder gameplay for better players (low on rope and no jetback and so on)

    Crazy Crates = Usual deathmatch like always but 5 crates drop every turn witch can be deadly

    Fort = Castle Deathmatch

    Bazookas and Grenades = Deathmatch , players only have 2 weapons like the title says

    You can play all listed game modes in Custom game with 2-4 players.

    Or enchanted versions of the game modes or your own gamemodes you create.

    Also you can play Rope Race ( not in Rated )

    Weapons and Items*

    • Bazooka - an explosive projectile that detonates on impact (50 damage)
    • Grenade - a bouncing explosive projectile with a timed detonation (50 damage)
    • Cluster Bomb - a bouncing explosive projectile with a timed detonation that bursts into smaller explosives
    • Banana Bomb - same as cluster bomb, but does much more damage
    • Petrol Bomb - an explosive projectile that detonates on impact and spreads a small amount of fire
    • Ninja Rope - a movement tool that allows worms to attach to and swing from any surface
    • Jetpack - a movement tool that allows worms to fly through the air as long as fuel lasts
    • Blow Torch - a tool that allows a worm to burrow a tunnel through solid materials
    • Girder - a tool that creates a short span of solid material within a large radius of the worm that uses it
    • Pneumatic Drill - the worm drills a long distance straight down through any solid material
    • Fire Punch - an uppercut punch that deals 30 damage and knocks back any forward-adjacent enemy
    • Dragonball - a forward-directional punch
    • Prod - pushes any forward-adjacent enemy ahead slightly
    • Baseball Bat - launches any forward-adjacent enemy a long distance with trajectory as aimed by the batter
    • Sentry Gun - a stationary turret that automatically fires on any enemy worms that move within its range
    • Electromagnet - drop a stationary magnet that can be toggled to either repel or attract all projectiles that move within its large range of effect
    • Sheep - a walking, leaping remote-detonated explosive that deals up to 75 damage
    • Super Sheep - same as a sheep, but instead of exploding, it takes flight to be manually flown into a target
    • Holy Hand Grenade - a dropped explosive with timed detonation that deals up to 100 damage
    • Homing Missile - an explosive projectile that seekings any target marked
    • Mine - a dropped explosive with proximity detonation
    • Dynamite - a dropped explosive with timed detonation that deals up to 75 damage
    • Airstrike - 5 missiles from the sky explode across designated area; not available on cave maps
    • Napalm Strike - 5 missiles from the sky airburst and drop fire across designated area; not available on cave maps
    • Poison Strike - 5 missiles that Poison all worms that it hits. Deplete 5 health every turn.
    • Bunker Buster - a single explosive bomb drops from the sky and burrows through any solid material up to a medium distance before exploding, though it will also explode upon contact with any worm
    • Super Bunker Buster - same as a bunker buster, but upon exploding, also creates multiple horizontal explosions in both directions
    • Earthquake - causes the entire map to shake violently for a few seconds, randomly moving all worms, crates, mines, etc.
    • Buffalo of Lies - deploys a walking buffalo that explodes on contact with a surface or worm in front of it, dealing medium damage and spawning another buffalo; this continues until 6 buffalos have been spawned
    • Gas Pump - sprays poison gas forward for a few seconds, easily filling systems of tunnels
    • Concrete Donkey - a massive concrete donkey falls from the sky and obliterates an entire column of the map underneath it; not available on cave maps
    • Armageddon - an apocalyptic meteor barrage wreaks terrible havoc across the map
    • Ferrets - 3 ferrets that hug the surface that they are placed on and continue walking along it until each contacts any worm, causing it to explode for 10 damage
    • Termites - 3 termites that burrow through any solid material in random directions for a few seconds, creating a small network of tunnels
    • Worship - deploys an idol statue that causes all enemy worms to lose 2 health while all of the users worms gain 2 health; the idol can be destroyed
    • Marked for Death - marks one worm, causing that worm to suffer double damage from all sources
    • Invisibility - makes all of a team's worms invisible to other players during the user's turn
    • Steal - steal one item of choice from any player; item cannot be turn-locked
    • Lightning Strike - a bolt of lightning strikes a location of the user's choosing; if a worm is hit, it is healed 30 points; if a barrel or crate is hit, it explodes; if a grave is hit, the dead worm is revived with 30 health
    • Teleport - instantly move the worm to any unoccupied location on the map
    • Emergency Teleport - instantly move all worms with low health to random locations on the map
    • Kamikaze - the worm shoots ahead in a direction for a medium distance, stopped by nothing, dealing moderate damage to any enemy worms contacted, and then dies in a small explosion

    *Note: this list is not yet complete.


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