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    Demolish goblin-infested medieval fantasy castles with the power of Kinect in this 2012 XBLA game.

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    Wreckateer is a medieval-fantasy physics-based action-puzzle game developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) on July 25, 2012.

    Players control Xbox Avatars armed with ballistas, and must use motion from the Kinect peripheral to aim, fire, and help guide large projectiles (some with unique properties) at goblin-infested castles. They earn points by eliminating the goblins, collecting special bonus pick-ups, and destroying as much of the structures as they can.

    The game was the second of five games released for Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2012 promotion and was the first of seven games to natively support the Avatar Famestar system (which featured cross-game costumes for Avatars and timed challenges for a cross-game leaderboard). It was made free to all between November 15-16, 2012 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Xbox Live service.


    Six Shot Types

    Every shot can be controlled after launch, allowing the player to grab points, power-ups, and line up shots. Players have to execute with increasing mastery as the game becomes more difficult, and the prizes are harder to collect. Five of the shots have a special ability that exponentially increase the amount of damage that shots can deal.

    Sixty Castles

    That's sixty completely unique goblin-infested castles to demolish for sweet golden points- all different sizes, depths, and styles.


    Dem goblins! Infesting the Kingdom in a variety of colors and flavors, such as Farmer, Bunny, Secret Service, and Iron Galaxy's personal favorite; the Prom Goblin. There is even a Hot Goblin, gifted with explosive flatulence and a penchant for hitching a ride on a Wreckateer's shots before exploding in a most furious furp.


    Local head-to-head multiplayer pits you against a friend. Both players have their own "instance" of the same castle and whoever wrecks the most wins.

    Playlist Creation

    Save lists of your favorite castles and quickly play them in one session. Wreckateer also comes pre-loaded with playlists such as "Iron Galaxy Faves" and "Stunt Flyin' Castles."

    Shot Types

    Shot TypeDescription
    Basic ShotThe bread-and-butter cannon balls that deal blunt-force damage.
    Bomb ShotShots plow through targets before triggering a massive explosion.
    Flying ShotAllows players to spread their arms and fly. The shot builds up explosive power the faster it dive-bombs.
    Lift ShotGiant, heavy shots with a short initial range but skips through the air like a stone when it's special ability is used.
    Speed ShotTake off like a bullet, travelling great distances and plowing through multiple targets.
    Split ShotCrack into four small projectiles that can be twisted, spread out, and pushed together to take out massive targets.

    Power Ups

    Shot IconDescription
    5K IconCollect it in the air for a smooth 5,000 points.
    25K IconAn immediate bonus of 25,000 points.
    Bomb IconCollecting this bad boy turns any shot into a major explosive that detonates on impact.
    Lift IconGives the shot a short hop forward, granting it additional range and in-air control time.
    Speed IconShoots any shot forward with incredible speed. Gain extra distance and plow through multiple targets.

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