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#1 Posted by sammo21 (5295 posts) -

Anyone here actually put any time into the game? Looking at it on XBLA but don't want to make the plunge unless people are giving it a thumbs up. I know the Kinect stuff is extremely hit or miss (mostly miss).

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#2 Posted by zombie2011 (5502 posts) -

The game works great for me, all the movements are big gestures so the Kinect works fine.

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#3 Posted by EvanFavreau (86 posts) -

I just tried the demo and it didn't really work. To be fair, I have a fairly small living room area, so not all Kinect games work the best, but Dance Central works perfectly for me. But my main problem was while playing my Avatar would keep slowly spinning. So the game would tell me to move forward to shoot, but if my Avatar had spun around, I myself would have to move backwards to go forwards in the game. This meant I couldn't actually grab the wrecking ball. (Confusing, right?)

So basically this game doesn't work for me, at least with my living room. Too bad, too, I was hoping it'd be pretty fun. But you should try the demo and see for yourself.

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#4 Posted by campn8r (8 posts) -
@EvanFavreau There are reports of people having trouble with their avatar spinning in circles and it appears to be caused by having a controller hooked up to the Xbox. Try unplugging any controllers and see if that helps.
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#5 Posted by LameImpala (79 posts) -

@campn8r: I'll try that, I've been having a similar problem - the avatar doesn't spin, but it sometimes doesn't track that I'm moving side to side, or it will go in the wrong direction. All in all a good game though, and I can fight through the occasional hiccup to play a good Kinect game.

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#6 Edited by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

I was thinking about buying it for my son to play (he loves anything that smashes) but I got the demo and unfortunately it's yet another Kinect game that doesn't work right for small kids.

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#7 Posted by bibamatt (1129 posts) -

I was all excited (purely from Giant Bomb hype) but decided not to buy based on the pretty meh reviews. Tried the demo anyway and I didn't really enjoy it. It's got a good style to it, mind!

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#8 Posted by ptc (640 posts) -

Works great for me. No kinect issues or avatar spinning whatsoever. Lives up to the hype - fun game!

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#9 Posted by eccentrix (2007 posts) -

It's fun and easy to use, but my shoulders have been aching for days. I guess I need to stretch next time.

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#10 Posted by PalmettoBling (34 posts) -

I love it. It's quite a bit of fun, and I have not had any problems from the Kinect recognizing what I want it to do.

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