Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 14, 2018

    A spiritual successor to the Flatout franchise being worked on by Bugbear Entertainment.

    new mods and updates are rolling out

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    Is anybody else getting into these mods? From what I've read BugBear is still making this game and updating it, however they opened up the market place for people to add their own cars. Dan played as the lawnmower guy on UPF, but they added a couple of new cars and modes! There is THE PIT (this is from a demo derby game but i don't remember which one). Just this morning a modder added a 57 Chevy called Dr. Destructo.

    So I did what I had to do. I finished strong in 11th place. Here's some photos of the destruction.

    No Caption Provided
    No Caption Provided

    I'd love to see them add some of the big cars from the 70's. Polara's, Impalas. Some Caddy's. I really like how the workshop community is coming out with all kinds of stuff. Anybody find any other gems?

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