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    Wright Anything Agency

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    After his career in law, Phoenix Wright's former law office became the Wright Anything Agency.

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    The Wright Anything Agency started life as Mia Fey's attorney's office (Fey & Co. Law Offices), and was passed on to Phoenix Wright after she was tragically killed. It was rebranded Wright & Co. Law Offices. After Phoenix Wright lost his attorney's badge his daughter Trucy, decided to turn the office into a talent agency. However, the only clients were Trucy herself and Phoenix, who played piano at a Russian bar called the Borscht Bowl.

    In the first case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Apollo is recruited by Phoenix Wright to represent him in a murder case. At this point, the Wright Talent Agency become the Wright Anything Agency, representing anyone from magicians to defence attorneys.

    The Wright Anything Agency is in a state of constant disarray, with Trucy's magic trick hardware strewn about, and Phoenix and his colleagues having precious little time to spend cleaning up. Even after a guest appearance by Pearl Fey to help tidy up the place, it quickly reverts to its messy disposition.


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