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    Wutai is a Western Town in the RPG Final Fantasy VII.

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    Wutai is the name of both the Asian inspired town and western continent in the Final Fantasy VII universe. It is the hometown of optional party member Yuffie Kisaragi. After Cloud's party recruit Cid Highwind and gain access to the downed Tiny Bronco, if the player lands on the western continent and heads towards the town of Wutai (granted Yuffie has already been recruited), a scene will occur in which Yuffie steals all of you precious Materia and runs off on the party. A party including of Cloud and 2 others will have to make their way to Wutai in this optional sidequest to get back their stolen materia.
    This side quest is one of the larger in Final Fantasy VII. It includes everything from story elements to boss fights. There is even a run and team up with The Turks. The player must use a different strategy compared to the rest of the game since materia is not an option. Limit Breaks and items must be used in conjunction with regular physical attacks to make it through this Asian village.
    If Vincent Valentine has been recruited by the party, he is usually recommended to be brought along because his limit break, which although puts him into berserk, grants him very powerful attacks when he transforms. And since the party isn't able to use magic, you will only lose his ability to use items in exchange for his strong limit break.

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