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Somebody that played the game was doing a Q&A on the new universe mode and this is what we've got.

Titles can be defended on any show.

Storylines make sense now and blend together better.

DRAFT!!!!! And it looks just like it does on TV, with the wrestler faces flipping through until one is picked. Even has the same music.

Everything just feels tighter, no more inferno matches for 8 straight PPV's.

Tag teams/stables stay together, some may still split up, but not anything like it was last year.

EVERYTHING can be edited. We'll get to that here in a few

I love Universe mode personally, feel in complete control of 3 shows.... (yes 3).





I did say everything is editable. So, you can make that show, whatever you want. Name it whatever you want (Same with Raw/Smackdown).

For instance, I made Nitro on Monday, complete with logo, arena, belts. Then made TNA Impact on Thursday (didn't have logo or arena, but those will obviously be created by the community probably in a matter of days after reelase). Then I put Raw on Friday night. You can then remove entire shows from the draft and for titles. So only wrestlers on TNA can complete for whatever titles you set for that show, no cross over unless you let it. When you set up the show, you name it, set the belts for it, etc.

Or you can have all 3 shows open and compete on other shows here and there.

Unfortunately the title rankings still isn't editable, so you can't just put Cody Rhodes as the #1 contender for every belt But you can give him a title shot whenever you want and for whatever show you want.

So as you can see, the ideas here are pretty much endless. Want an all ECW show? Sure! Want an all Legends show? Sure! Want Raw/Smackdown/Superstars as it is now, SURE!. Want John Cena and Randy Orton to be stuck together on GLOW on Friday nights? Go ahead.

Yes, it's that cool!

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Another piece of info just came out.

New Streamlined Match Flow in #WWE12 Universe allows u to go from match to match to match in the same card without going back to the menu.
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this is probably what i'm the most excited for 

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This game sounds really good. I haven't played one of these since the '08 one and I am looking to jump back in for sure.

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