Universe Mode?

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Unfortunately I have not been able to get this game, so for those who have played it....is Universe mode better than last years version?

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It's better in some ways. There are continuations of rivalries from week to week. I have an angle with Brock Lesnar, Jushin Liger, and Randy Orton. Liger debuted against Lesnar and beat him. Lesnar, pissed, came out the next week when Liger was set to face Orton, and laid Liger out, taking his place in the match. Lesnar beat Orton to the point where after the match, he was loaded onto a stretcher. The next week, Lesnar faced Orton again, and Liger showed up in the crowd. Kinda pumped to see what happens next, and if there's an actual blow-off to the feud.

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I had a pretty funny match with Michelle McCool randomly attacking Beth Phoenix, then coming in to hit Kelly Kelly with a chair and win Beth the match. Then she hit Beth again with the chair. Bitch is crrraaaaazy.

I like it though, it's fun, there's an element of chaos in it and unlike in Road to Wrestlemania mode it doesn't feel like I'm wasting time fighting someone only to trigger a cutscene where they beat my guy in seconds.

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I just had a match  between Alberto Del Rio and Stone Cold Steve Austin where  Cena came in and  hit Austin with a nasty cheap shot and turned heel.  Leading to an  easy win by Del Rio.   Theres some crazy stuff thats happened.    Also Orton is feuding with Lesnar... which is really odd considering dude just posted about his Lesnar  vs  Orton feud a few posts up.   O_O

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