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So I'm watching the TNT from last week and about an hour after it starts we see our first Create a character called Father Blood, this for me was one of the highlights of the show. the guys on the panel created sort of a back story for the guy
he was in a metal band in the 80's and is currently crashing on Danzig's Couch. he was discovered While bouncing at the Rainbow room and has since been fighting primarily at smaller events where his trademark jeer of " who better than Father Blood!" can regularly be heard.
His Current ring attire is inspired by a previous job he held working the mall sunglasses stand between a Hot Topic and a GNC.

if you have a character you have created post a picture and give him a backstory.

 Who better than Father Blood?
 Who better than Father Blood?
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No one.
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Looks like every custom created dude on regular SvR games ever made. Just now more buff and not as overboard with chains.

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Father blood is so hood.

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More importantly, where is Danzig these days?

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