Million Dollar Pack Delayed for 360...

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I know everybody will be enjoying playing Mortal Kombat, but there is some news about the DLC where you can play as Ted DiBiase (Sr & Jr)  THQ has this to say....

We have ran into some technical issues with our WWE All Stars downloadable content for Xbox 360 that will unfortunately delay its release past our initially communicated timing of on or before April 19. As is the case with the game development process and subsequent launch of downloadable content, there are unexpected technical variables that can often impact a release date, and unfortunately, we have been hit by one. This delay impacts the pre-order Million Dollar Pack (“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and his son, Ted DiBiase), Honky Tonk Man free playable character for everyone and the American Dream Pack featuring Dusty Rhodes and his son, Cody Rhodes. We are fully aware of our initial intent to deliver the content by this timeframe and sincerely apologize for this delay, as well as the unforeseen miscommunication of our plans.

Our development team is working hard to remedy the situation, and we are hopeful the content will be released as soon as possible for Xbox 360 users. The delay is likely to push the release past this week; however, please continue checking the official website for updates. While we understand this isn't positive news, we thank everyone for their understanding and patience, and we will do everything we can to remedy the situation.

WWE All Stars features 30 legendary competitors and current-day WWE Superstars combined, each of which took significant time to master and perfect. While waiting patiently for the upcoming content, make sure to continue honing your skills with the characters in-game, as there are a ton of deep combos and intriguing moves waiting to be mastered.

PS3 NORTH AMERICA DLC RELEASED (Million Dollar Pack avail in EU):

Playstation 3 North America and worldwide users, you can now redeem The Million Dollar Pack with your pre-order redemption code. North American PS3 users, you can also now purchase the American Dream Pack containing Dusty and Cody Rhodes for $1.99, and redeem the free Honky Tonk Man bonus character (EU coming soon).

To redeem the Million Dollar Pack go into the Playstation Store and select the “Add-Ons” tab. Then select the “Disc-Based Game Add-Ons” tab and select the “M-Z/#” tab. Scroll until you find WWE All Stars, and then select the tab. You should see the “Million Dollar Pack” available for download. Select the DLC pack, and then select “Redeem Code.” Enter the code from the back of your pre-order receipt to begin the process.

To refresh everyone our current DLC releases for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360:

Million Dollar Man + Ted DiBiase Jr - exclusive to those who pre-ordered only, FREE

    Honky Tonk Man - FREE for everyone who purchased WWE All Stars on 360/PS3

    “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and Cody Rhodes - PAID DLC Pack for 360/PS3 ($1.99)

    Thank you again for your patience XBOX 360 users, we'll keep you posted and do everything possible to release the DLC content as soon as possible.

- WWE Games Team 

No details of what technical details but this is the second time the Million Dollar Pack has been delayed. I wonder if THQ had a secret Timed Exclusive with Sony for the DLC.

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I'd been considering writing a blog about the poor timing this game has had with it's DLC. I'm not sure what the cross over is with players that would play All Stars AND Mortal Kombat but don't imagine it's substantial. But to delay releasing DLC for your fighting game and put it up next to probably the biggest fighting game of the year is both ballsy and retarded. I can only assume their logic was to try and keep their game from being traded in towards MK purchases because if they genuinely thought they could go toe to toe with MK...they've got another thing coming.

If the intent was to maybe release DLC every month or two and it just happened to coincide with the MK release date, fine - but since nothing else has been announce I'd imagine that's not the case at all...

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Is there any word if the Million Dollar Pack will be up for sale soon if ever? At the moment it just appears to be for pre-orders only.

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The MDP will go on sale after the exclusivity deal is up.

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