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Just picked this up today and its currently installing the first patch. Probably gonna spend some time with the single player for the next few hours but if anyone fancies some online over the next few days, and hopefully weeks, add me on PSN id refactored

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#2 Posted by BradBrains (2040 posts) -

sure ill add ya. 
mine is BradBrains

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#3 Posted by TepiDDeatH (102 posts) -

Me too PSN:rdkeleher

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#4 Posted by HairyMike87 (1218 posts) -

Just played this at my bro-in-law's and picking it up in the morning. Add me too. PSN: hairymike87

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#5 Posted by jeff4moso (264 posts) -

I'm picking it up tonight:  chicubs223420

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