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Finally, a game that realises what stupid-fun wrestling is! 0

Let me just clear one thing up: I love wrestling video games, I have done for years and years and I've loved the sports entertainment it's based on for even longer, but I swear if I have to play through the same Raw VS Smackdown game again, I'm going to give myself a Stone Cold Stunner. Luckily, WWE All Stars is not the same Raw Vs. Smackdown game. THQ have given their wrestling series the NBA Jam make-over, and let me tell you, it's much better for it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Raw Vs. Smac...

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Create a review for WWE All Stars 0

CreateCreCreCreate a review for WWE All Starsate a review for WWE All Starsate a review for WWE All Stars a reviCreCreate a review for WWE All Starsate a review for WWE All Starsew for WWE All StarsCreate a reCreate a review for WWE All StarsCreate a review for WWE All Starsview for WWE All StarsCreate a review for WWE All Stars...

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The Best Wrestling Game To Date. No Mercy meets Wrestlefest 0

Alright, let me get right to it.The Good:-The gameplay in this title is absolutely top-notch-The graphics/animation style adds a unique and fresh flair to the game itself.-The different type of modes available to be played are very entertaining and should keep one entertained for many many hours.-The amount of superstars/legends available on the roster are absolutely incredible. Finally, they get it right with the addition of Ricky Steamboat and "Macho Man" Randy Savage.The Bad:-Controls. Now d...

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Significant Change of Pace 2

 Imagine if WWE and The Bigs franchise were combined. Now, stop imagining because WWE All Stars is that game. Created by the folks behind TNA Impact, All Stars is a major change of pace for wrestling titles, trading the sim aspects (yes, sim aspects for a worked "sport") of SD v RAW for a more arcade-y approach.  They may have been aiming for the old AKI system, but they seem to lack the depth of that engine. Instead, they seem to believe the flaws will overcome the game's problems.Now, for ...

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Would of been 5 stars if.... 4

The Create a Wrestler mode was better.....this game is great for Nostalgic wrestling fans and fighting game lovers as well. The Create a Wrestler in Legends of Wrestle Mania was better, but thats because it was the same system used by the current SD vs RAW team, this game is made by former Midway and Acclaim wrestling game makers.  While this is good in move animation and cut scene animation, it blows for stiff action figure style wrestling....reminds me of when LJN, one of WWE's older action fi...

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The Fallacy of Sports Entertainment 0

  The revelation that I’ve had over the past two weeks is that not only is wrestling goofy and ridiculous, but that it should be goofy and ridiculous. You take a look at today’s current WWE product and you have guys like Randy Orton speaking in solemn tones about his family and John Morrison staring awkwardly and uncomfortably at the camera attempting to “act”. This is not entertainment to me, John Cena as an inspirational amateur wrestler in “Legend” is not entertainment, Michael Cole be...

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Retro meshed well with modern; pick up n' play done right. 0

Let's cross off the first and foremost bulletin point of any THQ wrestling game, hell, the  "THQ Wrestling Game Promise" if you will: All Stars has broken online gameplay. Must you know how they've done it this time? Certainly, you can connect to other human beings over the Internet, so it beats that Xbox WrestleMania title by a default. In this game, however, it's lagging network code, followed by unblock-able, irreversible combos that assure if you don't get the very first hit in an online mat...

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The Madness Really Is Running Wild 0

I'll try to make this review short but sweet.  This game, WWE Allstars, attempts to bring old school WWE wrestlers along with the current (and albeit infinitely more boring) roster into a package that literally makes everything larger than life.  Unlike most other wrestling titles, Allstars attempts to bring in fighting game aspects into the mix into a unique but highly flawed package.Graphically, WWE Allstars has an interesting look as the characters look more like something you'd see in a cart...

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Old School Fun, but Lacks New School Polish 0

           Professional wrestling's been a big part of my life ever since I was a child.  Take that as you shall, but much like the industry's quality, even I'll admit that the quality of professional wrestling games fluctuates from great to embarrassingly bad.  From that heap arrives WWE All Stars.  Between its list of classic wrestlers and fun over-the-top action, there's a lot to potentially  love in THQ's latest foray into the squared circle.  However, a laundry list of finicky issues and l...

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It's A Slobberknocker! 0

WWE All Stars is a depiction of the sport young kids all over the world dream up during their wildest spurts of imagination. The hits are real and gloriously over-the-top, pitting giant, beefy superstars from multiple generations together in a gratuitous mix of outlandishly stylised, high-flying action. It takes you away to a world you may once remember, where wrestling was a fantastical sight to behold; away from the more realistic style present in the tired and clunky yearly releases of...

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