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This game introduced yet another "improved" grapple system and it was the highest rated game Critic wise of the series at the time. This game also introduced the novelty game "Bra and Panties" Match. It was basically a tug of war system to play the oft WWE famous bra and panties match. Also this game became the first to introduce the "WWE Legends." All of the legends entrances were on rings with no music and a basic black background. Another new feature added to Here Comes the Pain is body damage. It allowed players to see how much damage they have done to different parts of their opponent's bodies. At the beginning of a match the symbol of each wrestler's body would appear blue. As they take damage the color changes to yellow then red. When a fighter's head appears red in the body damage symbol, it takes just one more blow to the head for them to start bleeding. Female wrestlers could not bleed.

Grapple System:

Was introduced with new meters for body damage as well and labeling characters by their attributes. The new grapple system allowed each wrestler to have significantly more moves. In the previous games, grapple moves were done by pressing circle and a button on the d-pad. With the new system, pressing circle and a d-pad button opened up an entire different set of moves. Players then had to press circle with on button on the d-pad or circle by itself. This gave each wrestler 25 grapple moves.

Also, there were meters for people in defense mode to try and break out of the grapple or move. Which highly enabled the usage of the reverse system as well.


This games was the first in the series to give each wrestler an overall which was the average of all their attributes. In season mode the player can earn points to raise attributes in areas such as strength and speed.

Playable Roster



The Big Show

Brock Lesnar

Booker T

Bubba Ray Dudley

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho


D-Von Dudley

Eddie Guerrero


Eric Bischoff



The Hurricane


John Cena


Kevin Nash

Kurt Angle

Lance Storm


Matt Hardy

Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio


Ric Flair



Rob Van Dam

The Rock

Rodney Mack


Scott Steiner

Sean O'Haire

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Stacy Keibler

Stephanie McMahon

Steve Austin

Steven Richards



Torrie Wilson

Triple H

Trish Stratus

Ultimo Dragon

The Undertaker

Val Venis


Vince McMahon

Animal (Legend)

George Steele (Legend)

Hawk (Legend)

Hillbilly Jim (Legend)

The Iron Sheik (Legend)

Jimmy Snuka (Legend)

Nikolai Volkoff (Legend)

Roddy Piper (Legend)

Sgt. Slaughter (Legend)

Ted DiBiase (Legend)

Old-School Undertaker (Legend)

There is also hidden data left for Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior characters (only accessible through a GameShark), though they cannot be used.


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