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It's rather upsetting that yet again, were forced to swallow yet another rehashed game not worthy of our gaming machines.  I mean, the same animations have been used for awhile now.  Even dating back to the Ps2 and the first Xbox, the animations for some of the superstar’s finishers have been the same.  That's quite possibly the most frustrating thing about this game.

The brand new addition to this game is the ECW no rules match (i.e. Hardcore Match), and the only new addition to that actual match are Kendo sticks, some new weapon animations and flaming tables.  However, I will accept this as the bright spot addition because it makes the game pretty fun to beat up on some superstars your not too fond of. 

The rest of the game though, is pretty much the same as it was the years before.  The story mode, which is what should rule the wrestling game, is overdone, and gaudy.  The storylines are really unbelievable.  You will land in certain situations that put some awkward superstars as the main leader in the story line.  Undertaker in a stupid girl gimmick?  Let alone him being in two over the top over done story lines in a row. 

I do have hope for the next game in the series though.  A 3 month story, that have the creaters promising you will see great story lines.  Downloadable content, and finally create a finisher.

As for this game.  If you can wait a few more months.  Please do so.

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