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Not the best, but still a very good game.

WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw is a very good game, because it gets almost everything right. There is a few problems, but most get trumped by some of the best gameplay mechanics in any wrestling game.

Gameplay: In this version of this expansive series the gameplay is almost perfect. Now that is not saying that they have fixed all the problems from previous Smackdown or Raw games, but they have come close. There are the occasional missed or messed up physics.  When running toward your opponent and you are preparing to do a clothesline your opponet will block it as if you were not running at all, instead they would block it like you were just standing right in front of them. This happens with a few others like running and jumping in mid-air or trying to do a running high-knee, but it does not tamper with the overall feel of the wrestling itself.

Graphics: I could not believe just how close they came to getting the wrestlers to look like and feel like their real life counterparts. The graphics are really top notch and much better than the previous games in the series.

Sound: From the crowds to the entrance music everything is done perfectly, but unlike in the real WWE when a wrestlers music goes to a stop they cleverly loop the music together so there is no stop. That does not happen in the game, when playing the music and it gets to the end there is a pause followed by the beginning of the song. It does not hurt the game at all, but it must be said.

Re-playability: Story mode you can go through for about 2 to 3 seasons just fine, but after that you get to the point of "been there done that" and that is not a good thing for a game. Although the Story mode has that problem you can easily play the exhibition matches over and over and over and over again with out it getting old.

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