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    WWE SuperCard

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 14, 2014

    Build a deck and battle it out in this virtual card game for iOS and Android by 2K.

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    WWE SuperCards is a Free to Play WWE themed collectible card game developed by Cat Daddy Games and published by 2K Games. The game will feature 400 cards based on current wrestlers, managers, and retired wrestling legends from the WWE. Players will be able to team up or go head to head online, battling it out using WWE superstars. Available August 14, 2014 for IOS and Android.

    Play Modes

    WWE SuperCard has two modes available: Exhibition and King of the Ring.


    Build a team of four male Superstars, one Diva, and two Support cards to send into battle with another AI-controlled opponent.

    King of the Ring

    Build a team of eight male Superstars, two Divas, and four Support cards and enter a queue for a single-elimination tournament against other players.


    Example of a cards stats
    Example of a cards stats

    All battles in WWE SuperCard hinge on four stats and the manipulation of those stats through Boosts, Support cards, and Special Moves.

    • Power
    • Toughness
    • Speed
    • Charisma

    Characters are rated similar to their WWE counterpart's strengths: "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry, for example, has high Power and Toughness ratings compared to Speed and Charisma.

    Outside of matches, stats can be increased by "Training" the wrestlers through the discarding of unneeded cards. This adds experience points to the card being trained, and each successive level boosts all stats of a card towards a level cap.

    Cards that are of the same Superstar and quality can be combined to make that Superstar a "Pro," giving the Superstar a bigger boost in all stats than through Training.

    Much like other card-battling games, two similar cards at max level will yield a better "Pro" when compared to two similar cards at Level 1. Boosting a card to "Pro" does not increase its quality for the sake of determining Reward Meter progress.


    Exhibition: Each exhibition is in a best 2-out-of-3 format with all three "matches" played out regardless of who is leading the match.

    At the beginning of each round, the game will randomly announce if it is a Solo (males only), Diva, or Tag Team match. Also chosen at random are which of the four stats that will go towards determining a winner -- no more than two stats are chosen for comparison in a given match, but multiple matches could use the same stat to determine a winner (e.g., two matches decided by which wrestler has the most Speed).

    The match is a game of War, with the higher total winning out as played out by an animated wrestling sequence that usually ends with the winning card hitting a wrestling move on the losing card.

    Once per exhibition, a player can choose to use a Support card that will buff or debuff the competitor(s) stat(s) in the match to come. Also, more rare varieties of cards will have boosts named after the wrestler's signature or finishing moves that are randomly triggered, boosting a team's stats.

    Tag team matches utilize a form of cards with matching affinities, signified by left and right blue arrows and up and down yellow arrows. If a tag team has a pair of left and right blues or up and down yellows, that team receives a 10% boost to all stats in the tag team match. If the arrows are the same, no bonus is awarded. If the arrows are in conflict with each other (an up yellow teamed with a left blue, for example), then the team is penalized 5% to all stats.

    The winner of each match receives one point towards the exhibition total, the loser receives no points. In the event of a tie, one point is awarded to each competitor's exhibition total.

    After three matches, if the exhibition totals are tied, an extra match is called for under the same rules as the matches before.

    After an exhibition, the winner can choose two cards from a display of 25 cards, while the loser only gets to pick one. Possible cards include Boosts for King of the Ring mode, Support cards and all types of wrestler cards. In every subsequent exhibition, the player can continue to whittle away at the cards on this "Pick" screen until either a Boost or Rare character is discovered, at which point the "Pick" board is reset.

    Team Building

    Building a team of cards has two primary objectives in WWE SuperCard:

    • Finding a good balance of wrestlers with strong stats and correct affinities to boost odds of winning tag team matches
    • Boosting the overall rating of the deck, which determines what rewards can be won in Exhibition/King of the Ring mode. A meter at the top of the Deck Edit screen displays the current reward levels that can be achieved by the player, which increases as higher-quality cards are added to the deck.

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