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Laying a numerical Smackdown 0

So inbetween iterations of WWE 2K games, 2K Sports has decided to release this free-to-play card game which features a large portion of past and present WWE wrestlers. To be totally honest I was expecting a half-arsed cash in but in all due fairness you can tell that, while maybe not the most challenging game to make, at least some effort has gone into makeing this game something of an enjoyable experience for its users.Essentially this game is a version of War (or Top Trumps if you prefer). You...

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Good first impression but it doesn't last 0

I'm not a wrestling fan and I really only started playing based on the bombcast discussions.This game started off very good, I was leveling up, getting new cards, seeing new cards, winning, it felt really good for awhile.Once you start getting into the higher tiers: ultra rare/epic, the progression in the game just completely stopped, I believe this is the point in the game where they want you to start spending some money and it's never been more obvious to me in any other game.So I'm done, if t...

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