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    WWE WrestleFest

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 21, 2012

    A remake of the WWF arcade game of the same name, featuring both current and legacy wrestlers. Once an iOS game, it has since been pulled from the App Store following publisher THQ's demise.

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    WWE WrestleFest is a remake of the 1991 Technos Arcade game, with enhanced graphics and an expanded roster.

    Concurrent with the release of the game on iOS devices, WWE WrestleFest was announced to hit a variety of platforms by the end of 2012 including Xbox Live, PSN, Android and PC, but these versions were eventually cancelled.


    Retaining the original control scheme, the game uses only two attack buttons, an energy bar, and a simplistic grapple system.

    The two attack buttons are used to punch and kick. Wrestlers grapple automatically when they reach an appropriate range, while players mash on their buttons to "win" the grapple and perform moves. Signature moves are performed automatically when their opponent's energy bar has been depleted.

    The match is over when a submission is applied to deplete the opponent's remaining energy, or when a wrestler is pinned for a 3-count.


    After numerous delays that eventually led to a release date in 2013, it was announced that THQ was going to file for bankruptcy. Once it was clear that THQ was not going to be able to save itself, there assets were sold off and eventually the WWE license went to Take Two. All mention of this game seams to have disappeared, and the only one to see release, iOS, has been pulled from the App Store, leaving its future unclear.

    Game Modes

    • Exhibition
    • Road To Wrestlemania
    • Royal Rumble
    • Saturday Night's Main Event Tournament
    • Tag Team
    • Gauntlet Match




    • SmackDown
    • Wrestlemania
    • Raw
    • Royal Rumble
    • Saturday Night's Main Event


    • Old Survivor Series
    • WrestleMania 27
    • WCW Nitro 1998
    • Old Raw is War
    • Old SmackDown 1998
    • Old SummerSlam 88

    The DLC packs cost $.99 and consist of 5 superstars and 1 arena each.


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