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    WWE WrestleMania 21

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 20, 2005

    WWE Wrestlemania 21 is a wrestling game based on 2004 storylines in WWE. It is also the last of the exclusive WWE Xbox games, being the successor to WWE RAW 2.

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    Match Types

    • Singles Match
    • Tag Team Match
    • Handicap Match
    • Triple Threat Match
    • Fatal Four-way Match
    • Battle Royal
    • Royal Rumble
    • Last Man Standing Match*
    • Bra & Panties Match*
    • Cage Match*
    • Hell in a Cell Match*
    • Ladder Match*
    • Table Match*
    • TLC Match*

    *Note: these matches can only be played with a maximum of 2 players in exhibition mode

    Career Mode

    Career mode has one of your created wrestlers go through a year of the WWE. As you play through your wrestler becomes United States champion, WWE Tag Team champion(with Booker T), Intercontinental champion, World Heavyweight champion and WWE champion. It begins with your wrestler starting on Velocity as a heel. About halfway through your wrestler is attacked by Evolution and is put out of action for a month, during that time Eric Bischoff becomes your personal coach and helps you get revenge by putting you in matches against legends. Eric Bischoff then gives you members of Evolution one by one. It all ends at Wrestlemania in a Last Man Standing match against Kurt Angle.

    Playable Roster


    Most arenas have different color lighting that makes them stand out from each other.

    An example of the lighting (Velocity arena)
    An example of the lighting (Velocity arena)
    • Smackdown! (Blue Lighting)
    • Raw (Pink Lighting)
    • Heat (Orange Lighting)
    • Velocity (Green Lighting)
    • Royal Rumble (Yellow Lighting)
    • No Way Out (Yellow Lighting)
    • Wrestlemania XX (Purple Lighting)
    • Backlash (Blue Lighting)
    • Judgement Day (Purple Lighting)
    • Bad Blood (Red Lighting)
    • Vengeance (Red Lighting)
    • Summerslam (Light Blue Lighting)
    • Unforgiven (Yellow Lighting)
    • No Mercy (Dark Purple Lighting)
    • Survivor Series (Dark Yellow Lighting)
    • Armageddon (Orange Lighting)
    • Gymnasium
    • Wrestling Club
    • Training Facility
    • Civic Center
    • Industrial Basement

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