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    The world's largest professional wrestling organization, WWE (formerly WWF) has spawned dozens of games since the 1980s.

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    The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) family of games began as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) series. The name was changed following a 2002 lawsuit filed by conservationist group The World Wildlife Fund for Nature over the rights to the use of the WWF abbreviation.

    The games typically feature the most popular wrestlers of their time. Over the years these names have included "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan and many more.

    The licensing rights to produce games based on the WWE's characters and television programming was long associated with THQ, who produced games based on the WWF/WWE for longer than any other publisher. Following the dissolution of THQ in 2012 the rights were sold in auction to publisher Take-Two Interactive who will fold the franchise into their 2K lineup of sports games.

    World Wrestling Entertainment is a public company based out of Stamford, Connecticut and headed by chairman and CEO Vince McMahon who also appears in character on WWE programming as "Mr. McMahon."


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