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    WWF Attitude

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jul 31, 1999

    WWF Attitude is a professional wrestling game by Acclaim that is the sequel to WWF Warzone.

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    The game was dedicated to the memory of Owen Hart who died performing a ring entrance as the Blue Blazer persona.

    Attitude would be the last WWE game produced by Acclaim, as THQ took over the license.


    The game retained the controls from WWF Warzone. Taking a more complex route than the WCW world tour series. The control scheme mimicked more of a fighting game, rather than a traditional wrestling game. The game required a button sequence to pull off moves. For example: Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver required the following button sequence:

    Down, Up, Down, or Up, Down, Up (depending on location) + C Left on the Nintendo 64.

    Career Mode

    Using any wrestler from the roster you compete in 3 title runs, starting from the European title, Intercontinental title, and the WWF title, going through the list of wrestlers in various matches and different situations. After winning the title, you defend the title against the top 5 wrestlers. Also in the career mode, you can do a tag team career mode with a computer character. By completing the career mode, you can unlock more wrestlers and cheats, which can be accessed in the cheat menu option.

    Create a Wrestler

    The create a wrestler or C.A.W had a robust set of features. The player could choose from a wide range of options including : Gender, Attributes, Moveset, Entrances, and Taunts. Allowing the player to make their own creation, or closely replicate wrestlers not included in the original roster, or from other wrestling organizations. Many fan dedicated CAW sites developed on the internet with formulas for wrestlers, and fictional characters.


    The game received positive response for its sound. The game featured specific crowd chants, commentary from Jerry Lawler, and Shane McMahon, and wrestler voices. In IGN's reviewthey claimed "The audio elements of Attitude are outstanding top to bottom. It's not necessarily the quality that got to us, but the variety of bits and depth of the samples that made us take notice."

    Playable Roster


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