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    WWF Royal Rumble

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jun 08, 1993

    WWF Royal Rumble is a wrestling themed video game featuring WWF Stars from the 1990s.

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    WWF Royal Rumble is Acclaim's "sequel" to WWF Super Wrestlemania. WWF Royal Rumble features twelve wrestlers in each version, some wrestlers exclusive to each port of the game. There was an updated port featuring a bigger roster and other features added in called WWF Rage in the Cage released on the Sega CD. Both the SNES and Genesis versions of Royal Rumble support up to two players. Royal Rumble on the Genesis had a VRC (Video Game Rating Council) rating of GA for General Audience.

    Match Types

    One on One (One wrestler against one other wrestler)

    • One Fall - First player to score a pinfall is the winner.
    • Brawl - First player to deplete the other players energy bar is the winner.
    • Tournament - Player must face all the opponents in order to get to the title.

    Tag-Team (Teams of two wrestlers. The "legal" wrestler must make a tag in order to switch.)

    • One Fall - First team to score the pinfall is the winner.
    • Brawl - First team to deplete the other teams energy bar is the winner.
    • Tournament - Face all other superstars in tag teams to get to the titles.

    Triple Tag-Team (Teams of three wrestlers each. The "legal" wrestler must make a tag in order to switch.)

    • One Fall - First Team to score the pinfall is the winner.
    • Brawl - First team to deplete the other teams energy bar wins the match.

    Royal Rumble (Free for all 12 wrestler over the top rope battle royal.)


    SNES Version
    SNES Version
    Once the Royal Rumble has been won, whichever character the player chose will raise their hands above their heads and the screen will fade to black. When the screen comes back it will list the times of all the entrants in the Royal Rumble match, then cycle through the order they were thrown out and by whom they were thrown out.
    Genesis Version
    Genesis Version
    Once all the other characters have been beaten, the player will face the final wrestler. The final wrestler is Razor Ramon. After Razor is defeated an issue of WWF Magazine will fly at the screen featuring the wrestler chosen and the headline "New World's Champion."


    For a list of all characters in the game, see the guide.

    Critical Reception

    Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the review scores of 7,6,7,7 and 6. Mike Weigand, who gave the game a six, wrote, "Played the SNES version? This one is basically the same thing on a different platform. The colors are diminished somewhat, but wrestling fans will love it! Be sure to use the 6-button controller with this one!".


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