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Game Modes

There are nine of them.
  1. Banzai: The player has 25 seconds to shoot the left ramp.  Doing so gets 5 million points for the first time, 10 million for the second time, 15 million for the third, and 20 million for each hit after that.  Can be raised to 20 million and 40 million with the 2x Banzai start-of-ball bonus.  Yes, 2x Banzai gives 4x the value.
  2. Championship Belt Round: The player has 25 seconds to make it to the top playfield by hitting the left ramp or the right hole.  Then, the player must knock all the drop targets to earn the countdown value, starting at 20 million and going down 1 million a second.  There are three total belts to win.
  3. Light Extra Ball: Extra ball is lit for the left hole.  Shoot the left hole for, what else, an extra ball.
  4. No Holds Brawl: Video mode.  Hit the flippers repeatedly to build up pin power, and reach the top to win.  You'll get 17.9 million points plus speed bonus for winning.
  5. Pandemonium: One ball in play to start, and each target adds a certain amount of points.  Adding a ball happens by hitting the top hole (in the top playfield).  The values are: 1 ball = 250k; 2 balls = 350k, 3 balls = 500k; 4 balls = 750k; 5 balls = 1 million; 6 balls = 2 million.  Three balls can start this mode if "3 Ball Pand." is selected
  6. Raise the Undertaker: 2 million points are scored by hitting a drop target on the left side.  The next hit scores 3 million.  The player can keep going up to 10 million a hit or 25 seconds.
  7. Search for Doink: One of the four holes contains Doink the Clown.  Finding the hole which has him scored 25 million points.  Hitting any other hole scores 6 million points, every time it's hit.
  8. Sleeper Hold Super Pops: Hit the bumpers (pop or side) 14 times total for 30 million points.  You've got 25 seconds.
  9. Tag Team Millions: Each of the six targets on the right score 5 million points when hit the first time.  Also, the player gets 5 million for starting the mode.

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