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WWF Superstars was developed by Technos and was the first use of the WWF license in an arcade video game. The game featured many superstars that were popular in 1989. At this time the WWF was extremely popular which helped the game be very successful. The game's success resulted in a sequel called WWF Wrestlefest.


The Fighting System

Take the action outside the ring
Take the action outside the ring

WWF Superstars includes both grapples and striking attacks. Once a character has grappled another character there is a variety of options available. From the grapple the opponent can be thrown into the ropes, tossed to the mat, or put into a headlock. Once a headlock has been applied one of two character specific moves can be performed. Strike moves are performed outside of a grapple and also have several choices, such as: running strikes, standing strikes, mat strikes, running counter strikes, and high risk top turnbuckle moves. Unlike a real wrestling match players are allowed to fight outside the ring with the aid of foreign objects without being disqualified.

Story and progression system

In WWF Superstars the player chooses their character as well as a tag team partner. The goal of WWF Superstars is to take a tag team through the ranks to face the team of Mega Bucks (comprised of Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant). If successful the player will then be able to play through a second tier of matches, once again ending in a match against Mega Bucks.


In WWF Superstars there are six playable characters and two non playable characters. The roster of WWF Superstars is comprised of:

The Playable Roster
The Playable Roster

Billy Lee Cameo

Billy is pumped for some WWF action
Billy is pumped for some WWF action

Since WWF Superstars was developed by Technos, the same developer of Double Dragon. Technos decided to include a small cameo appearance of the Double Dragon hero Billy Lee. Billy can be seen in the crowd on the right side of the screen.

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