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    A witty crafting/collecting adventure game set in the macabre world of olde cautionary fables and tales.

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    The Witch's cozy hut. Interactive graphics are highlighted and paired with button prompts for easy, straightforward gameplay.
    The Witch's cozy hut. Interactive graphics are highlighted and paired with button prompts for easy, straightforward gameplay.

    Wytchwood was released to PC and console on December 9th, 2021 by the small development studio Alientrap, and publisher Whitehorn Digital. Starring an unconventional Old Witch as the protagonist, the gameplay features lightweight item collecting, crafting and fetch quests. The world and artwork reflect the darker storybook tales of Medieval Europe but is cut with text dialogue full of wit and an endearing cast of fantastical characters.

    According to Alientrap Creative Director, Jesse McGibney, the development focus intentionally shifted from pure crafting mechanics to a more narrative-heavy adventure. Streamlined gameplay and numerous optical markers lets the player relax into the story beats.[1]

    Artist and Writer for Alientrap, Ariane Laurence stated in an interview, "Mostly, we just wanted to make sure the game was a non-stressful adventure for the players."[2]




    Forest herbs can be plucked off the ground; no tools required.
    Forest herbs can be plucked off the ground; no tools required.

    Camera perspective is top-down with a moderately wide view of the surrounding environment. Interact-able items, creatures, buildings, etc. will have a glowing white outline when the Witch gets within range. The Witch can move and turn in any direction and her speed is a default, non-changing run.

    She moves with relative ease as the models for humans, humanoids or creatures can be passed through unless they are hostile.



    Crafting & Collecting

    The Witch's Eye pauses the screen. Interact-able entities are highlighted with a thick white outline. Hovering the cursor over one will reveal its 'weakness.'
    The Witch's Eye pauses the screen. Interact-able entities are highlighted with a thick white outline. Hovering the cursor over one will reveal its 'weakness.'

    The heart of the game is collecting raw materials from the landscape, then opening the menu to craft different recipes. Some ingredients can be simply picked up off the ground while others require tools to crack open or catch with a net.

    Using the Witch's Eye gives the player an overview of what can be collected and how to harvest them. New recipes for traps to subdue creatures or smoke bombs to sooth hostile insects can be learned and added to the Witch's recipe book, the Grimoire.

    An on-screen toolbelt with 8 assignable slots are at the bottom of the screen. From the tools menu, different spells, weapons or tools can be assigned.



    Story Progression

    Dialogue sections complete with character portraits.
    Dialogue sections complete with character portraits.

    Wytchwood is a quest-based adventure game. Interacting with the different creatures across maps will reveal interesting dialogue exchanges and easy-to follow directions for the next step.

    Multiple quests and chapters can be happening at the same time, thus the menu has a journal that keeps track of the next step. The player can choose to have a quest's steps appear on-screen in the upper right corner for easy reference.



    Getting Attacked

    This turkey does NOT want you here.
    This turkey does NOT want you here.

    The Witch has 3 hearts that serve as health points. Only hostile creatures can attack and make the Witch lose a heart. Hearts can be replenished with a Mending Poultice (first recipe learned in the game).

    If the Witch looses all hearts, she will awaken in her home near the fireplace and will tell herself to be more careful. No doubt, this is the Goat's magic rescuing her before any harm truly befalls her. Thus, the player can never 'lose' the game, only forced to restart from a possibly farther location.

    Hostile creatures are marked with colorful, transparent skulls above them. If the Witch is hit, she will be flung far across the screen. They are easy to outrun, however, so their existence always implies that there is a tool or crafted item that will allow the player to eventually get past them or extract the desired ingredient.



    Incessant bleating rudely awakens the wise, curmudgeonly old Witch that lives deep within the wooded swamp. This Goat is apparently a magical creditor and he has come to collect on a debt. It doesn't seem menacing but he harbors a dark air about him. To her annoyance, the Witch realizes that she cannot remember anything from her past, including especially, the dark pact apparently made with this creature.

    All this for a maiden that no one knows?
    All this for a maiden that no one knows?

    She learns that the forgotten deal is over the life of a sleeping young maiden lying in a shrine below her property. Without the memory of the young maiden's identity, the Witch can't really find motivation to fulfill her end of this supposed deal. After a 'gentle' demonstration of the Goat's overwhelming power over waking consciousness, the Witch is grouchily, and reluctantly convinced to gather the 12 souls in exchange for this life of this young woman.


    Chapters & Quests

    • First Things First
      • Go Outside
      • Gather Ingredients to Light the Braziers
      • Enter The Shrine
    • The Sleeping Maiden
      • Collect 4 Souls for the Goat
      • Collect 4 Souls for the Goat
      • Collect the Final 4 Souls for the Goat
        • The Hawk
        • The Wolf
        • The Hog
        • The Stag
        • Return to the Goat in the Shrine




    Hag's Home, Shrine, Portal

    Seeker Vine – Reedy Twine – Hagshroom

    No Caption Provided

    Wishing Well, Uncanny Fairgrounds, Lake Shore

    Forest Herb Hagshroom Twig Impeye Nut Shiny Stone Gold Coin – Flower Petal Reedy Twine Lethe Cap Changeling Root Frog Slime Firefly Fairy Dust Clay Campfire Ember Soot Sprite Jar of Water Blue Feather Rodent Lard Meaty Morsel Dog Hair Dryad Fruit Goblin Snot

    Bluebird • Squirrel • Guard Dog • Frog • Changeling • Fairy • Illusive Pixie • Dryad Tree • Goblin

    No Caption Provided

    Apiary, The Ox's Farm, Mill

    Twig – Lazy Grass – Egg – Grain – Hopper Leg – Reedy Twine – Clay – Changeling Root – Campfire Ember – Soot Sprite – Crowsfoot – Meaty Morsel – Jar of Water – Jar of Milk – Pumpkinjack Bone – Turkey Gizzardstone – Gnome Hat

    Crow • Hopper • Changeling • Chicken • Cow • Farm Dog • Pumpkin Jack • Gnome • Turkey

    No Caption Provided


    Sickhouse, Darkest Wood

    Hagshroom – Seeker Vine – Snail Shell – Embalming Salts – Toxic Thistle – Frog Slime – Twig – Clay – Campfire Ember – Soot Sprite – Dragonfly Wing – Bug Ichor – Skeeter Snoot – Blood – Eye of Newt – Totemic Moondrop – Drake Fang

    Snail • Dragonfly • Skeeter • Bloodsucker • Poisonous Newt • Frog • Stick Totem • Drake

    No Caption Provided


    Hidden Grove, Bank, Tavern

    Iron Nail – Flower Petal – Cobblestone – Changeling Root – Gold Coin – Pigeon Beak – Meaty Morsel – Dog Hair – Pickpocket's Glove – Elf Shoes – Cat Hairball – Rat Tail – Rodent Lard – Jar of Water – Mimic's Toe

    Pigeon • Villager • Rat • Cat • Guard Dog • Changeling • Pickpocket • Elf • Mimic

    No Caption Provided


    Bakery, Candleshop, Blacksmith, Butchershop, Pig Farm

    Iron Nail – Cobblestone – Campfire Ember – Soot Sprite – Gold Coin – Pigeon Beak – Meaty Morsel – Pickpocket's Glove – Cat Hairball – Rat Tail – Rodent Lard – Jar of Water – Jar of Milk – Mimic's Toe

    Pigeon • Villager • Cow • Chicken • Rat • Cat • Mimic • Goose

    No Caption Provided


    Lighthouse, Ship, Lagoon, Lagoon Caves, The Belly of the Beast

    Enbalming Salts – Algae – Barnacle – Seashell – Shiny Stone – Meaty Morsel – Crab Claw – Fish – Skipper Scale – Deep One

    Fisherwoman • Fisherman • Gull • Crab • Shore Skipper • Deep One

    No Caption Provided


    Darkened Crypt, Abandoned Mansion, Abandoned Church, The Rat's Nest

    Black Rose – Clay – Grave Bone – Mandrake Root – Dog Hair – Jar of Water – Mummified Head – Bat Wing – Rat Tail – Rodent Lard – Meaty Morsel – Spectral Tears – Cryptcrawler Silk – Ghostly Ectoplasm

    Bat • Rat • Graveyard Dog • Ghostly Grasp • Ghastly Head • Antlered Ghost • Weeping Spectre • Cryptcrawler

    No Caption Provided


    Mountain Peak, Frozen Cave

    Ice Berry – Chilled Mushroom – Spicy Pepper – Campfire Ember – Soot Sprite – Red Feather – Meaty Morsel – Rodent Lard – Rabbit Foot – Crystal Newt Spine – Frostling Snow – Silver Fox Fur

    Bird • Rabbit • Frostling • Crystal Newt • Silver Fox • Mountain Trapper • Mountain Goat • Snowkin



    • Earlier designs of the Witch showed her character model holding a staff.[3]
    • The art design was inspired by medieval wood cuts and illuminated manuscripts.[4]



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