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    X-Blade Keyblade

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    The X-Blade is the first Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts. It was broken into twenty after the Keyblade War.

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    The X-Blade protected Kingdom Hearts. Many warriors vied for precious light. They shattered the X-Blade into twenty pieces. Seven of light and thirteen of darkness. Xehanort wanted Ventus as his vessel to create the X-Blade. The attempt failed. Xehanort extracted Ventus' negativity and created a person named Vanitas. Once Ventus healed, Xehanort forced Ventus to fuse with Vanitas to forge the x-blade. Once Xehanort saw the X-blade forged, he sent his heart to make Terra his vessel. Aqua broke Ventus-Vanitas' x-blade since it was 2/20th complete. After the x-blade broke, Xehanort lost his memory. Xehanort was encountered by Aqua.


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