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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 09, 2001

    A pornographic game about a young man who is transformed into a busty girl, who is then unable to keep her legs together.

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    Takuya Aihara is a weakling of a man always pushed around by the women around him. From his childhood friend Asuka to his sister Natsume, no one seems to respect him as a man. None of that is about to change when he accidentally spills a chemical on himself that transforms him into a woman. The clock is ticking for Takuya who only has a few days to get himself turned back into a man or he'll be stuck with a woman's body forever.

    NOTE: The characters are all in junior college in US localizations of the game due to child pornography laws


    • Takuya Aihara - Main character of the game. Something of a weakling. In the Chemistry club at his high school, which results in his transformation into a woman.
    • Asuka Katakiri - Takuya's childhood friend. Takuya has naturally been in love with her for years. She's a bit bossy and orders Takuya around. The transformation worries her, but she helps Takuya get on his feet as a woman along with his sister Natsume
    • Asami Satoh - President of the Chemistry club and Takuya's senior. Like most other women, Satoh doesn't respect Takuya and repeatedly uses him for experiments.
    • Professor Miyagi - Art teacher at Takuya's high school. He does what he can to help Takuya out, even after the transformation.
    • Nurse Keiko Matsunaga - The nurse at Takuya's high school, Keiko Matsunaga is beloved by the male students of the school for her beauty. Rumors persist around the school that she seduces and sleeps with students
    • Mr. Terada - The gym teacher at Takuya's high school. Takuya's weakness as a man causes him to constantly disrespect him.
    • Natsumi Aihara - Takuya's controlling and demanding step-sister who loves to torture him in any way possible.
    • Seiji - Natsumi's boyfriend
    • Koji Kudo - Takuya Aihara sleeps with this freshman, depending on your choices, taking his virginity and causing him to fall in love with him. This canon event has far-reaching consequences for the sequels


    There are a number of endings available depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game, but the first one is the only canonical ending.
    1. Good ending: Satoh gives Takuya the right potion to turn him back into a man and Takuya confesses his love to Asuka. They fall in love and begin dating.
    2. Good Ending: Takuya becomes a man again, but instead confesses his love to Satoh. The two fall in love and plan to study medicine in college together.
    3. Bad Ending: Takuya drinks the wrong potion and becomes a hermaphrodite to Satoh's scientific delight. Satoh forces him to become her love-slave.
    4. Bad Ending: Takuya agrees to model for the art class and is raped by three art students painting her form. The experience causes Takuya, who apparently enjoyed it, to decide to remain a woman forever.
    5. Bad Ending : Mr. Terada and Takuya are caught in flagrante delicto. Everyone is apparently so disgusted with Takuya that all his friends abandon him and Satoh stops working on his cure, stranding him as a woman forever.
    6. Bad Ending: Nurse Matsunaga and some other students seduce Takuya. The experience is so intensely pleasurable that Takuya decides to remain a woman forever.
    7. Bad Ending: Seiji, Natsumi's boyfriend, tries to rape Takuya, but is stopped. Satoh gives Takuya the potion, and he is transformed back into a man, but he never lives down the shame of almost having sex with Seiji.

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