X-COM: Enforcer

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    Differing from previous games in the X-COM series, Enforcer puts the player in the titular role, tasked with ridding various levels of a nefarious alien presence with severe prejudice. Along the way, the player will have the opportunity to pick up various weapons and researchable artifacts.

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    Pretty... not bad!

    A quick note before I begin... I played this game as a part of the X-COM 5-game combo pack offered on Steam, not during it's original release.  Please judge my using current game standards instead of those when this game was released accordingly.  On to the main show...

    As the title of this review states.. this game isn't bad!  I'll admit, I was feeling pretty trepidatious when I fired Enforcer up, expecting not very much good at all.  I'll lay out the negatives first:  dated graphics (yeah, this game is a good few years old... but still... Halo came out the same year), extremely linear and generally uncreative level design, run-at-you-until-shoot-then-in-the-face enemy AI, and very little link in general to any of what made X-COM so great in the first place.

    I suppose I'll balance that out with the positive:  it's just fun to shoot aliens in the face in a very arcade-like manner.  Enforcer never suffers from a lack of targets, so you never stand there wondering what to do next.  See alien, shoot alien.  This can be done with one of Enforcer's 30+ (or so) weapons, some of which are actually quite fun to use.  Finally, while severing most of the links between the original X-COM's addictive and suspenseful turn-based squad combat with base-building and research elements, there are quite a few "heh" moments when you see how traditional X-COM baddies are represented in the game.  While present in name and shape only, grizzled X-COM will be pleased to see every enemy from the original pop up, for no other reason than to be crossed off the mental check list.

    So, to conclude... this game allows your while away a few hours in lots of short, bite-sized, almost Tony Hawk-esque levels that you can tackle whenever you have a few minutes to kill.  For about $3 as a part of the combo pack offered on Steam... that's... pretty not bad!

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