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X-Note is an otome themed visual novel for PC, Mac and Linux. It is the story of a girl named Essi, a young psychic.

10 years before the beginning of X-Note, Essi’s mother died in a car accident. The circumstances were suspicious and the accident was ruled a murder, but the police were never able to find her mother’s killer. Two years ago, Essi realized that a necklace left to her by her mother is actually a USB flash drive containing one password protected folder titled X-Note. Essi is certain that the contents of X-Note will make clear the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. When Essi is recruited by Yuon to investigate another murder at the Xen Institute, a school her mother helped found, she begins a journey to discover the history of the school, its founders, and a mysterious boy named X.


The gameplay in X-Note is comprised of two main elements: reading text and choosing dialog or movement options, and minigames. The visual novel elements are fairly typical and involve the player making basic decisions about dialog options, which characters to spend time with, and which locations to visit. By the end of the game, should the player have chosen the correct options, Essi will become romantically involved with one of the three main characters.

There are three types of minigames in X-Note, each corresponding to one aspect of Essi's psychic training. In the Psychokinesis training minigame, the player is presented with a gauge that is fluctuating quickly and must click a button when the gauge is full. Clairvoyance training involves the rapid memorization and recall of a series of symbols. The last training minigame, telepathy, involves matching a series of rapidly changing symbols.



The game's protagonist. Essi is a young psychic whose mother died 10 years before the events of X-Note. She is still unsure as to what actually happened to her mother and is trying to decipher a digital folder that her mother left to her. She transfers to the Xen Institute school at the request of Yuon, who asks her to investigate the recent murder of the school's principal.


A mysterious student who hires Essi to investigate the incidents at the Xen Institute. He also appears to work at the school, as he has a large office there and he keeps large amounts of data about all of the school’s students. He is serious and hardworking.


A strange boy that Essi meets in the corridor of the Xen institute. He is very amiable and seems to be a student, but he is secretive and isn't very aware of anything that is going on around him.


A mischievous hacker and student at the Xen Institute. He likes to tease Essi, so she is not fond of him at first, but he offers to help her with her investigation.


Essi’s teacher at the Xen institute (Class 2-A) and one of the school’s four founders. Essi finds her intimidating at first, but grows to like her over time. Acia knew Essi’s mother.


Essi's main confidant who she meets one day during her psychic training. She knows little about him, but he is gentle and soft-spoken despite his large build.


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