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Let us save our effort and just lie down and die.

Xan is an Elven Wizard from Evereska and a recruitable character in  Baldur's Gate, the role-playing game created for the PC by Bioware. He is found at the end of chapter 2 in the Nashkel Mines where he is held captive.
Xan is voiced by Jeff Bennet


Xan is extremely pessimistic. He is constantly commenting very negative on every situation. Even success is met with only mild enthusiasm. 


 Xan is armed with his trusty Moonblade, a magical elven sword.

Popular Quotes

 "We're all doomed."  
"Life is so hollow." 
"Our quest is vain."
"While leader, I will endeavor not to get all of us killed." 
"If you wa-ant." 
"Ugh what is the point?" 
 "Certainly, I shall collapse from exhaustion before I fall on the battlefield." 

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