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Xander and Buffy
Xander and Buffy

Xander Harris, born Alexander Harris, is the average joe, a man with no supernatural abilities or strengths and all of man's weaknesses. Unlucky enough to have been born and raised in Sunnydale, Xander is one of the few members of Sunnydale's community to have made it past puberty. Enjoying the friendship of The Slayer, a genius witch, a warewolf, an ex-demon and many others, Xander battles undead leagions and vampires, narrowly avoiding perminant injury and death.


Anya Jenkins

Anya, formerly a vengence demon who cursed men who incited women's wrath, was the girlfriend and fiance to Xander until he left her standing alone at the altar. The love she had once felt for the man became a reminder of why she had become a vengence demon in the first place. Finding that she could no more kill him than she could kill herself, Anya resigned herself to the life of a mere mortal rather than inflict pain upon those who she had formerly found so deserving.

Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer

Xander provides backup for Buffy and Willow
Xander provides backup for Buffy and Willow

Upon first meeting the slayer, Xander felt a hopeless attraction to her strength and beauty. Finding himself relegated to mere 'friend', Xander remians loyal to this powerful force of a woman. Although one-sided, Xander's attraction to Buffy has only increased throughout the years and though he may never realize the goal of becoming something more to her, his longing still remains.

Rupert Giles

Giles, the librarian at Xander's high school and mentor to the slayer, provided Xander a role model severely lacking in his home life. Seen as more of a burdon than an asset at times, Xander finds himself the object of Giles' critical attentions more often than not.

Willow Rosenberg

Lifelong friend and onetime crush, Willow grew up with a hidden and unreturned longing for Xander. Realizing her crush was one-sided, Willow moved into a relationship with Oz, a w arewolf and guitarist, only to find her attentions were suddenly being returned after so many years. In a move that was regretted by all, Willow and Xander expressed their love only to be caught in the act by both of their official significant others. Since that incident, Willow and Xander have provided support for each other, never again crossing the line of friend to lover.



A vampire with a soul, Angel is the object of Xander's hatred for one reason above all others: Angel has Buffy's love. Although Angel is ensoulled, Xander has a distrust and hatred for the undead male, even going so far as to give him the nickname 'dead boy'. After Angel was turned into Angelus, a soulless harbringer of death and pain, Xander had the distinct honour of being the one who could say to his friends 'he told them so'.

Faith Lehane

Faith was the first woman Xander ever had intimate relations with; too bad for Xander Faith chews 'em up and spits 'em out. After being used for the momentary relief of this 'in the moment' slayer, Xander had to deal with the fallout alone, knowing his best friend, Willow, wouldn't be able to deal with his, in her mind, betrayal of their friendship.


Another vampire who received Buffy's body (if not her love), Spike is also hated by Xander. The pair, both jealous of each other's place in the slayer's life, hold each other in contempt, Spike standing for everything vile and hateful about vampires and Xander standing for everything average and pitiful about humans.

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