2 Red Lights (Not Flashing). I Believe My Xbox Is Dying.

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For the last month or so, my xbox 360 has been overheating a lot. When it first did it a few days after Trials Evolution came out, it had overheated after about 30 minutes of playing. I let it cool down and it did it again after 10-15 minutes so I stopped for the night. I tried the next day and still got the 2 static red lights. The next day it was all good and started working again for the next few weeks (Granted, I wasn't playing much since there was nothing to play).

Just this Monday it did it again while playing Trials for 25 minutes. I didn't play Xbox again until Tuesday this week when I excitedly started playing Max Payne 3. I made it just 15 minutes before the lights. I tried again Wednesday and it made it for a solid 3&1/2 hours before dying and then another 1&1/2 a bit after once it cooled down. Yesterday it was good for about 4 hours before it died. Today I haven't made it past 20 minutes before the dreaded LEDs came up again. Every time I turn on the console, the fans are blowing cool air, but as soon as I put a disc in, the Xbox instantly starts blowing out pretty hot air (can't tell if this is normal, cause I never really checked how hot it gets before I started having this problem).

Does anyone know what I can do for this, or am I fucked (please tell me I'm not fucked, I really want to finish MP3)? Also, anyone know what exactly my problem is?

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You are fucked.

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put a vacuum to the vents see if you get any dust coming out.

1-800-4myxbox, i think that is the number.

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