Been away from 360 for 3 yrs - recommended XBLA games?

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So I finally broke down and got a xbox 360 with kinect (son took his upstairs 3yr ago) All I been gaming on is PS3 / PSN, anybody got some XBLA recommendations?

Here's what I got so far:

Geometry Wars 2

Shadow Complex

Pinball FX 2

Fruit Ninja Kinect


Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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#2 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -

Pacman Championship Edition DX.

And maybe some drugs to go with it.

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#3 Posted by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -

risk factions is ok, but I wouldnt pay 15$ for it.
Dead rising case zero is good, its not long but thats a good thing for dead rising.

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#4 Posted by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -

Also if you havent bought it on pc Bastion

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#5 Posted by MarshallLaw17 (3 posts) -

Super Meat Boy and perhaps Beyond Good and Evil HD

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#6 Posted by Vexxan (4633 posts) -
  • Bastion
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Outland
  • Swarm
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#7 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -

Game room.

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#8 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

Super Meat Boy


Rock of Ages

Toy Solider- Cold War

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition

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#10 Posted by MelonMasher (48 posts) -

Good suggestions, Thanks guys!

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#11 Posted by NegativeCero (3141 posts) -

If you haven't tried it on DS, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. And either 'Splosion Man or Ms. 'Splosion Man.

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#13 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1161 posts) -

Torchlight. It's a really good Dungeon Crawler that's very similar to the first Diablo.

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#14 Posted by ShaggE (8398 posts) -

Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

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#15 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

Cthulhu Saves the World and Orcs Must Die

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#16 Posted by Morningstar (2375 posts) -

Bastion was best game of 2011, so get that =)

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#17 Edited by Firepaw (3053 posts) -

Renegade Ops, my other suggestions have already been mentioned.

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#18 Posted by Kontrapunkt (423 posts) -



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#19 Posted by w00ties (191 posts) -

Super Meat Boy.

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#20 Posted by ez123 (2145 posts) -

Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Ms Splosion Man are pretty great

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#21 Edited by MelonMasher (48 posts) -

Wow, ask a simple question and you guys deliver the goods! Renegade OPS looks mighty interesting indeed. My mom is getting her 47 yr old kid a 320 gb Xbox hard drive for christmas, woot!

Edit: Oh Hydro Thunder, loved that on the Dreamcast, another must get! Thanks!

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#22 Posted by milsorgen (38 posts) -
  • Trials HD
  • Shadow Complex
  • Sonic CD
  • Risk Factions
  • Defense Grid
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Serious Sam

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